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30th birthday party ideas (with newborn)

I'm hosting a 30th birthday party for my friend in April, the only probelm is she will have given birth less than a month before the party.Yes, she will be breastfeeding, so that cuts out her drinking ability.

I want to throw a classy cocktail party for 20-25 people. I'd love to host a wine and cheese or a Champagne and desserts type of party but I'm not sure it's fair since the b-day girl won't be able to drink. I'd love to host at a wine bar, or lounge, but I'm worried about her bringing a newborn there.

(she has never left her older daughter with a babysitter and there is no way she'd consider leaving this newborn with anyone, other than family- who would be invited to the party)

Any IDEAS? Themes? Locations?

Re: 30th birthday party ideas (with newborn)

  • There are some great non-alcoholic mixed drinks on webtender.com.  You could have both the alcoholic drinks and the non-alcoholic?  I went to a baby shower where they had two punches - one blue for anyone who wanted to drink alcohol and pink for those who didn't (quote: "It's pink, in honor of the mom who can't drink right now.")

    That, however, may be uncomfortable if people don't respect their limits.  The mom at least will be sober while many others will be plastered.  If you feel this might be the case, I recommend going non-alcoholic all the way. 

    Ask the guest of honor where she would feel comfortable having the party.  She may even offer her own place since she's particular about babysitters (I would in this case).  Then, she can relax knowing her children will be safe.

    As for themes, I'd go with something she really likes.  It sounds like you're good friends, so think about her passions.  You may end up nixing the cocktails for a scrapbooking party, who knows?  What are her interests and hobbies?

  • With a newborn and another kid her 30th bday probably won't be big on her priority list.  Nix the wine/cocktail/restaurant party for 20-25.  Offer to take her out to dinner when she is ready.  She'll probably appreciate a night for herself more than the hassle of a cocktail party.


  • Does she know about the party? I agree about waiting to see how she feels. Or doing something smaller. Ask her first.

  • First, I'd ask the birthday girl what she really wants.  Heck, maybe you can go all out for her 40th??

    That said, some people are willign to bring their babies to the bar.  I have friends that tote their little ones around everywhere, yes to the bar.  Granted, these bars are a little bit more like sports bars, but its still a bar.  Maybe she is like this and you can do your louge idea?  My other friends would really appreciated more of a "kid" party, ie, invite everyone AND their kid.  So I'd ask her and see what works for her. 

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