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A son is born........ Henry's birth story!

Thanks for all the well wishes last week ladies! After 41 weeks Henry arrived last Monday, June 2nd at 6:52PM.

The short birth story is that it was the worst and best day of my life. My water broke around 2:30AM, we went to L&D around 5 and I was 2 cm. By 10 I was 7cm (in the tub) and was told I would have a lunch time baby. Knowing that I said that I didn?t need pain meds.

The VERY long day went on with no baby. At one point I was pulled out of the tub b/c of his heart rate. I tried the tub, bed, ball, toilet (odd), hands and knees, stool, squatting bar, and standing. It was a slow and long day. All day I asked for pain meds but my midwife kept telling me that I was "almost there". I screamed at her all day. I was that woman!

Around 6 they told me that there was mechonium and that I needed to have the baby by dinner or they would use the vacuum. I was so scared. I was panicking. Finally another dr came in (from my practice... love her!) and told me that I could have a spinal and that they would then use the vacuum b/c they needed to get him OUT. I asked her to please let me push with the spinal and she said that I had 1/2 an hour.

The spinal (one shot in the back lasting 60 minutes) was amazing. It made me calm down which helped me to push Henry out at 6:52. They took him away to clear his airway and he soon started to cry and was okay.

I had a very long tear and needed many stitches (2nd degree). DH held Henry while I was stitched up (and they had to stop the heavy bleeding.. it was horrible).

Henry weighed 6lbs, 15oz and was 19.5 inches long. I am still in tears thinking about the love that hit me as SOON as I saw and heard him. The feeling is truly far beyond words.

We are home now, resting when we can and he is breastfeeding like a champ (after a few hard/emotional days!). He is perfect. I can?t even describe it!

This was meant to be the short version, but got a little long. :)

One more thing.... the love that has grown for my husband this week is also beyond words. He was AMAZING during L&D, scared, but so supportive. He is the best man that I have ever met, and keeps surprising me everyday.

Lots more to come later on. For now I need to go kiss and cuddle my wonderful son.

Here (hopefully) are a few pictures:

Best wishes to all!! :~)

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I love these two beautiful children!
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Re: A son is born........ Henry's birth story!

  • Yay!!!! Congrats to you and your husband!  He is gorgeous... I love all that hair!  I also love his name (Henry is my Dad's name and is on our short list too)....

    I hate that you didnt have a great laboring time, but I know the final reults must be well worth all of it!

    Keep us posted and enjoy your the time with your family =)


  • Congratulations! He is so beautiful! We are so happy to hear that he is here, happy and healthy! Keep us posted on how your doing when you get spare moments!?
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  • He is absolutely adorable - and I love that full head of hair!!  I just loved hearing about how sweet your husband was.  Congrats to you both!
  • Look at all that hair! What a beautiful baby!!

  • What a little MAN!  He is too cute for words (love the hair!) and you look FANTASTIC!  Congratulations and I'm glad to hear that all is going well...You fought hard and did a great job!



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