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a question for the teachers

For the past year, I've really been looking into getting my teaching certification so I can teach high school English. I wanted to do this in college, but didn't want to change my major halfway through. I graduated with a degree in journalism and have worked in the public relations field since.

 I'm going to call the OK Dept of Education to talk about the alternative program for certification, and speak with advisors at UCO and OU, but I wanted to know if any of you had any experience/advice for me. I don't personally know anyone in Oklahoma who has graduated with an unrelated bachelor's degree and then gotten their certification later. I would prefer not to have to go back to school full-time for financial reasons, and would love it if I qualified for the alternative program. To my understanding, I would have to take a few classes for the alternative certification while I was teaching.

 Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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Re: a question for the teachers

  • I considered this a year or so ago. I actually sent in the app, got approved, and was about to take the tests when I changed my mind and decided to go to grad school instead.

    You may have seen this already, but there is some good information here:


  • llizzybllizzyb member
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    Thanks, I do have that actually. I'm just unclear on the requirements and if I could meet them. What was your situation and previous job, if you don't mind me asking?
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  • My bachelor's is in business, and I worked in that field for a few years before I thought about teaching. I had planned on teaching HS business at first and then eventually getting certified for history. It was my understanding that you could only take the subject test related to your degree initially, but could add other certs later.

    The app process was really easy. I sent in the first part, they approved it and sent me a letter and a form to return for the background check. When that went through, I got instructions on how to schedule the two tests. That's when the thought of 100 teenagers staring at me everday kind of freaked me out and I decided not to go forward.

    From what I understand, after passing the test, you have an interview and then set up a schedule for the additional education.

    I may still have the paperwork and communication they sent me somewhere. I will look for it and let you know.

  • I had a teacher in HS that did this and she was awesome.  She had lots of real world experience and was super honest (computer/ business teacher).  I have thought about it, but since my major is in aviation there isn't really anything that I could gointo teaching easily.  GL
  • I am also thinking about doing this. ?I think we are different situation though because I have my masters and have teaching experience since I was a graduate assistant for Intro to Amer. Govt. at OSU. ?I have filled out the application but I have not sent it in yet. ?
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  • llizzybllizzyb member
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    TETaylor, I think you would definitely qualify, with your advanced degree and teaching experience!

     I mailed in my app yesterday, so I'll keep everyone posted. I also spoke with an advisor at UCO, and am looking at about 3 semesters total of full-time undergrad prereq work and student teaching if I get certified the "normal" way. However, I found out that some of those classes would apply towards a masters in secondary education should I want to continue on.

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  • There are two teachers in our building with alt cert. and like the pp said, I believe you take the test and that's it.  I really don't like this concept for elementary teachers b/c you get teachers that just want a paycheck and don't have love for kids....at least the ones in our building seem to fall this way.  Little ones take much patience and love.  If you go into it for the wrong reasons....these little souls suffer, IMO! 

    Please know, I'm not saying you are that way.  I think it is great for subject area teachers with knowledge in related fields that have so much more to bring to the table.  Good luck with the test.  I'm sure your students will love the knowledge and experience you bring to the classroom!

  • HA!  We do panel interviews....you'd be amazed what you don't "pick up on" in interviews.  I don't know that the ones we hired were panel interviews, but everyone LOVES whatever you want them too in interviews.

    I'm not saying everyone is like that with alt cert, but it does amaze me that all the observations, student teaching is just null and void for alt certs.  That time in the classroom is very important imo!!

  • Don't worry, I know you weren't making any negative implications towards my reasons for wanting to be a teacher. I know it's hard work, and work that is not always rewarded! I'm still waiting to see if I qualify for the alt. certification.

    I really appreciate everyone's insight/comments/thoughts!  

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  • Liz--interesting. I have an education degree in a completely different field than I teach half the time! I have my music ed degree and license, however, I teach journalism, yearbook, and newspaper on top of my music teaching duties! I work in a small charter, so many of us multi-task!

     As someone who has a journalism background, you might find that they will have you teach English along with sponsoring journalism-related classes. It might be fun for you!

    Good luck. I love my job, especially the kids. I can't handle little kids in large numbers, but I love working with teenagers for some reason :P

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