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Re: Phelps earns new medal: bong master

  • I don't think it's him. Even if it is, I really don't care. Although I agree that it would make him a jackass for letting himself be photographed doing it.

  • Yeah it's hard to tell. you know, I wouldn't care if he did it either but you'd think he'd be smarter than that as far as getting caught!
  • Isn't he supposed to have the biggest lung capacity, like, ever? I'm pretty sure I remember them talking about it during the Olympics. Bet he could take a pretty big bong hit Devil!


  • image chloek:

    I don't think it's him. Even if it is, I really don't care. Although I agree that it would make him a jackass for letting himself be photographed doing it.

    Ditto. Just think of all of the endorsment dollars he may/will lose out on for something as dumb as this, even if it isn't true.  The companies are probably going to distance themselves from him very quickly.

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  • I really don't think it's him.

  • Yoou know, when I saw "Phelps," I was hoping/praying it was one of those fuucked up Westboro Baptist Church people. Fred, Shirley, any of them!
  • It's not him. ?The guy with the bong has huge ears. ?Compare that to the pic of Phelps, side angle, in the article.

    That, and, well...it barely looks like him in every other way. ?

    But even if it were, I really wouldn't care one bit except that I'd hope this is just another step towards it's legalization. ?

    But it's not him.?

    Then again, it does SORT of look like him. ?Maybe it's him.

    Not sure, it either is or isn't. ?

  • LOL, Brit, I wondered that too!

    It doesn't really look like him, and I don't care.  If he can swim tha well and is able to do some recreational drugs without them ruining his performance, he really does deserve all those golds!

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    <a href=http://anniecanhazcheezburger.wordpress.com>Well, that would be telling</a>

  • If it is him, that was a dumb move! The IOC has rules for this kind of stuff. And though it is off-season so he's not being tested right now, they could use this against him. It could really hurt his career if its him. Why risk everything?
  • I bet it is him - don't you remember his DUI a couple yrs ago, dude likes to party. I personally don't have an issue with it but I am sure others would - he needs to be smarter in the world of camera phones.

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  • I'm not sure that it's him. ?I also am going to predict a slander and libel suit against this newspaper.

  • Eh, I wonder how much it would even hurt is career.  A) I knew plenty of swimmers who smoked.  A lot.  B) Athletes do crap like this and get and keep endorsements all the time.  C) As a parent, how many people would really not let their kid attend the Michael Phelps Swim Academy because there was a picture out there of him smoking up?  Probably not many -- especially if you figured your kid had potential and could be your own personal cash cow.

    That's all assuming it is really him, which I kind of doubt.

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