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WWYD: Free P Diddy party VIP pass

So part of my job gets cool perks like VIP passes on parties such as the Venue Event hosted by P Diddy. Well I got two, my husband is excited to go but it would be more fun if our gorup of friends can join, especially today is one of his bestfriend's bday. I have to work tomorrow morning (6:30am) and so it my husband but the VIP part of the even starts at 8 till 10 with open bar and passed hors d'oeuvres (sp?). Well the tickets are like $500 a piece for VIP, his friends would not spend that much for that. I think $200 or $300 for general admission.

So, should I just give my ticket to his bestfriend as a bday gift or forget it I should go.

Last night we went to the NFL experience and got rained on was up till 2:30am because we ate afterwards, and got up at 5:30am. I feel fine but I really shouldn't be doing that heheheh. So should I give or should I not lol?

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Re: WWYD: Free P Diddy party VIP pass

  • If you really wanted to go and your DH wanted to go with you I would go. Did your DH say anything about wanting to go with his friend?

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  • Well he even suggested to go with his bestfriend (me and his bestfriend) because I guess his bf is really wanting to go. He also asked if I would consider letting him and his friend go. I'm still thinking about it.

    What I really want to do is sell the tickets hehehehhe. Even if I sell it $300 a piece hey thats $600 i didn't have lol But who would buy it in such short notice plus H really want to go.

    "don't ever let go of my hands" teejay.. image
  • Are you wanting to go really badly? Or would you not mind skipping it? If you're as excited about it as your H is, you should go, and just try to leave at a reasonable hour so you can get some sleep. But if you could take it or leave it, give your ticket to H's friend so they can go together.

  • I would go.  You got the pass so you should enjoy the party.  It's sweet of you to consider giving it to his bf, but if it were me I'd be picking out my hottest outfit already Stick out tongue
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