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post your aw's and vents here:

aw: Ella is learning how to say names. Yesterday she learned how to say my sister's name. Although....some might argue that she's cussing...lol. Instead of saying, "Vick" she says, "d_ck". Yikes! We are working on this....;)

vent: work sucks hard right now. It's just mentally draining. My coworker is now not able to do much because she's got herself some carpal tunnel. To see someone openly abuse the system just annoys me. I loathe her. I really really do. BTW- she's been wearing the same outfit, pants, shoes and socks since last Tuesday. Good lord-get a new outfit!

Re: post your aw's and vents here:

  • AW: Going to HS friend's baby shower on sat

    Vent: I think I coughed up both my lungs :( My throat is so sore from coughing so much. Both my ears are plugged up too. AND I have a sick 3yo with the same issues :(

  • AW: I'm doing really well today.  Way better than I thought I'd be.  Yippee Skippy.

    Vent:  My boss is already at her old crazy ways.  Didn't take long.

  • AW: My mom is amazing...she's making the bedding for the crib because I couldn't find anything I liked.

    Vent: Sort of a vent, kind of funny actually. Dh revealed to me last night that he has NEVER changed a diaper.  You'd think being 9 of 11 kids and having I've lost count of how many nieces and nephews, and now great nieces and nephews this guy at some point in his life would have learned.  Scary!  Especially since I'll handling the "intake" he'll be handling the "output"!

    Lisa, sorry about work.  :(  And Hula, sounds like you need some honey and lemon to quiet your cough...hope both you and the LO feel better.

  • AW: 1. went to J's parent/teacher conference today. ?His teacher is very pleased with his progress and said he is right where he needs to be! ?I am so proud of my boy.

    2. I got a job!!!

    Vent: Just need to make the $$$ even though I got a job it is going to be a little while before I see clients and I don't get paid until I see patients.?

  • AW: Weighed myself last night and lost 2lbs. yay.. 2lbs to go and I meet my goal of 4lbs this week.. We'll see on Sat!

    Vent : Work is slow. Office Manager just advise they might have to cut back hours. Boo!

  • Aw- I'm finally feeling better after being sick off and on for over 4 weeks. I even felt well enough to go out and get a pedi and boy did I need it.

    Vent- Being sick for the last few weeks has taken it's toll on my household. I have so much cleaning and laundry to do.

  • Aw:  We've been in our new place for 2 weeks and I love it!  Not even so much the place just the fact that we are alone and things are finally starting to get better.  These past few months (well most of '08) hasn't been good.  

    Vents: I'm in a pretty happy place right now, I'm even greatful for the bad times (even the fact that Jewel is screaming her head off and waking up the other 2) haha  :) 

    btw I thought your post said il vents and I though "I've got lots of those!"  lol! 

  • AW: I went back to the bank today and didn't have a melt down.  I was nervous, shook a bit but did it and am better for it.  I also talked to them and was happy to know the guy didn't get anything. :)

    Vent: Sometimes I hate having employees.

    [center]Married 7-3-05

    Me- All Clear

    SA - 9/09 - Low Everything Repeat SA 12/09 - RE's Lab

    Count - 31 million Motility - 24% Morphology - less than 1% normal

    IVF #1: 4/11(Follistim/Menopur/Ganirelix)

    10 retrieved/8 mature and all 8 fertilized / 2 embies transferred ... nothing to freeze

    Beta 5/10 = BFN

    IVF Take 2 Long Lupron July 2011

    ER 7/3/11 (our 6th anniversary) - 8 retrieved/7 mature/fert ....ET 7/6/11 - 2 beautiful grade A 8 cell embryos

    Beta 7/18/11 - 149!!! Beta 7/21/11 - 311 Beta 7/28/11 - 2,000 8/5/11 - Empty Sac 8/8/11 - There's a yolk sac and maybe a heartbeat 8/12/11 - Fetal pole, yolk sac, heartbeat 8/18/11 - Baby looks GREAT!
    3 babies waiting on ice


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