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Feeling Weighed Down

Anyone joining me on the job-stress wagon?  I did a "special" project (read not a part of my day-to-day job) last week for our front office and today our division director called me down and asked me to work another "special" project. 

The problem is, I have a combination of work on my plate that have either statutory deadlines or politically imposed deadlines that I can't miss, and the work that doesn't have firm deadllines has been pushed back so long that I am getting frequent "status" e-mails inquiring about them.

He did ask me if I was too busy for the project after he had half-filled me in on what he wanted me to do, but the life-line seemed more like an afterthought- like he didn't really want me to say yes.  I'm just not sure if I did the right thing in not letting him know that I've already been feeling overwhelmed without all this extra work. 

Re: Feeling Weighed Down

  • ughhh i feel your pain. First off, I want to praise you for telling him how you really felt. I am a go getter, and often do not know when to say no. I now do say no, but it is a lesson I have learned the hard way. Often times, even when u keep doing doing doing, you get overlooked for everything you really HAVE done. We have a ton of extra work here at the hospital bc it is our busy season and we have to focus on discharging patients safely and effectively, bc our emergency room is overflowing with people who need medical help. It becomes VERY stressful, and often times I feel as if I am busting at the seams. But, even though I may not want to tell my boss no when she asks me to do more than my fair share, I HAVE to at times, especially if I am overwhelmed. Even in this tough economic climate, your well being comes first. This prob didnt help much, but I really did feel for you and was proud to see u stood your ground.
  • This week is killing me! And next week wont be great either. It's great we are getting a lot of business from the superbowl (and some cool stuff I can't say till after it's done), but all these special groups want special billing details. Yesterday I worked on one thing all day! My desk is a mess!

     My boss always asks if I have too much to do but even if I tell her i'm busy she gives me morw. But I think we are both swamped right now so it's ok, I guess.

    I love my crazy child!

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  • Yes, I will join u.  As a reading teacher I have to do A LOT of testing (as per the state's requirements).  We had a schoolwide test the other day and we were supposed to grade them and turn them in, meanwhile I have a state test that I am supposed to give to students 1 at a time (what are the rest of my students supposed to do while I work with ONE student at a time...?) and I'm pretty overwhelmed.  Blah.
  • yeah, same here.  I used to be right on top of things and now lots of things have been pushed to the back burner.  The issue we have here is that we have more students and less staff.  Now with budget cuts, if someone retires or quits, they will not rehire for that position.  And it takes a lot to open a new one. 
  • Well, I would say that it feels better to know that I'm not alone, but I can't be happy hearing that you ladies are having a rough go of it too!  I hope February is less demanding for you all.  Thanks for the kudos, Kel, but I must not have made my post clear- I actually didn't tell him how I really felt.  I'm doubting myself b/c I wonder if I should have.  Then again, I know it is partly my fault b/c I didn't work at as steady of a pace as I could have over the holidays had I known everything else coming up on the horizon- hindsight is 20/20!
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