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Yes, please let me know the engineer's name - thanks for the info!

Though I may furthering sexist stereotypes, I've left the foundation issue to DH to deal with. He has had SIX different contracters come out to see it. We live in Wells Branch - and what's crazy is that BOTH of our next door neighbors and the house across the street have had the exact same issue in the past 3 months - one of them is in the middle of correcting it right now. Very weird. Makes you wonder if it is the builder... 

When we bought the house in March/April, we of course had an inspection, and our realtor has actually been very helpful. She brought the man who did the (passing) inspection out to see all the cracks and issues today and is offering to pay for the cosmetic part (just the patching of the walls and repainting) of the process.

People have been saying that the overly dry summer may have added to the ground shifting, but obviously something crazy happened on our street.

Our lowest estimate was $4k. Ugh. Such a pain, and such a big, unexpected expense.

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Re: **DitzyDi**

  • We are actually not too far from you.  We are east of 35 off of Grand Avenue.  You probably have a little bit of the same soil we have in this area. 

    We had an inspection done as well when we bought our house 3 years ago.  However, at the time we were told that if we wanted to have our foundation investigated before buying it would have cost a couple hundred dollars by somebody that uses a laser to determine the the condition of the slab.  I almost suggest having the inspector fix the cosmetic cracks maybe 6 months after you get the recommendation from the engineer because he already told us that we need to water for 6 months to give our foundation time to rise back up to level.  Otherwise, the patching will buckle and you will have a mini ridge in your wall. 

    We are aware of our neighbors having a problme with their house as well.  We don't really know any of the other neighbors so we're not sure if they're having any problems. 

    The name of the engineering firm is MLAW.  I think the guy's name is Michael Lynch.  They were refered to me by some other civil engineers that I work with through work.  Sometimes they can be hard to get a hold of.  Be persistent.  What kind of "consultants" has your DH talked to?  Since the foundation repair contractors are all for selling piers we wanted an unbiased opinion.  The engineer will send you a report of the sinking/rising of your house and their recommendations for what they think you need to do to fix your foundation.    GL and let me know if ya'll need any help. 

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