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I had a dream last night that I ran into A at a grocery store and he called you on the phone so I could say hi. The funniest part was that his phone was a laptop sized version of a razor phone. He had to hold it with 2 hands. But it was a picture phone so I got to see you. It was very strange.

Re: Becki-

  • Too funny! That reminds me of the cell phones back in the day that you had to have a carrying case for.

  • Oh, yeah. The good ol Zack Morris phones?
  • Exactly :) So I was reading your reply to another post, you're starting maternity leave today? That's awesome! I still haven't figured that one out.
  • Yup. I am really excited to be off. Sitting at a desk all day is uncomfortable. Who'da thought?  I guess it's a trip to HR for you lady. ;)
  • Yep I'm planning on talking to my supervisor this week and getting it all figured out. Did you get disability paperwork taken care of with your doc? I'm wondering when my doc will do it - dont you have to not be able to perform your job before they will sign it? I really need to get on top of everything.
  • Kaiser (my doc) gave me an off work order then I went to the kaiser disability office and gave them all the paperwork.  They started it yesterday (first day of my off work order). And then they're going to mail it to me and I will mail it to my employer. But you can choose to have it mailed directly to your employer.

  • Does it take much to get an off work order, or can you just ask and they do it for you? The thing is my current job does not pay into SDI so I have to start my claim in December (the base period goes back to when I had another job) if I want to get anything.

     Oh there was something else I was going to ask you! Do you think the Kaiser classes are worth the time? It sounded like the newborn class was for people who had never seena baby. We have the hospital experience one on Monday which I want to go to just to get a feel for the facility, and the BFing one cant hurt, but I wasnt sure about the other. Did you get anything out of it?

    Thanks for letting me pick your brain!

  • I could've been off at my last appt if I wanted. You basically just have to tell the doc when you want to be off. Then they print out the paper when they do your visit summary. So, yes...very easy.

    The caring for newborn class was the only one I went to and I agree. It was basically for people who have never really seen a newborn before. There was maybe one or two helpful bits of info but that's about it. I mean, they teach you how to swaddle.  But I ditched the breastfeeding class b/c I was afraid it would be more of the same of the newborn class and I was really busy that day and didn't feel the need to drive all the way to Fontana for it. And the hospital experience one I completely forgot to go to. Let me know how it is and maybe I'll reschedule.

  • Eh, I think I'll skip it then. I'll let you know how the other one goes. Thanks for all the info!
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