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what are you NOT thankful for?

I am not thankful for the RUDE people that were at Randalls this morning in the starbucks line.....The lady behind me said "Jesus christ, coul you be any slower" My friend was trying to use up her GC so she had to try 3 before one worked. I turned around to the lady and said "Sorry, we're teachers so we get alot of GC this time of year and we realy want to use them up" In a VERY sarcastic voice.

Then a lady totally cut me off as I was pulling my basket into a check out line! So rude!


chill out people! I'm happy as a clam! 

Re: what are you NOT thankful for?

  • Boo to rude people.  If you are an adult and your holiday plans are making you so miserable that you're being rude to strangers in the grocery store (or anywhere) then you need to proactively do what is necessary to make yourself happy.  Be it send someone else to the grocery store, or make different plans next year that make you happy, or drink until you don't careWink, or whatever. 

    I am NOT thankful that it's going to be hot tomorrow!  I don't feel very Thanksgiving-y when it's in the 70s.

  • I am not thankful for my kid's endless freakin guessing games.  He can never just tell me something, its always got to be a guess.

    "Hey Mom....guess  if I finished my sandwich, or if I just ate half of it.  Come on, guess."

    I don't CARE!!!!!!!  Just tell me!!!!!!!

    And he's off school until Monday  :sob::

  • Wow.?


    And yes, I'm always amazed at how rude people can be in public around the holidays.

    I am not thankful for yet another BFN today.


  • Rude people suck.  I am also not thankful for the people who are driving in front of you, then all of a sudden slam on their brakes and make a turn from a lane over with no signal. 

    I am also not thankful that trying to drive home to my parent's tonight is going to suck (last time I left on a Wednesday before T-Day it took me almost 5 hours to get home because of traffic and accidents on the highway) and I may have to wait until tomorrow morning if traffic looks bad when I get off work, which is fine, but it's my dad's bday and I really wanted to make it home.

    I am thankful for a light work load today Wink  more nesting.

    Bobo says smile!!!!

  • I am NOT thankful that my DH is in Germany and we only get to talk in 3-5 minute snippets because he is always running to a meeting or a client dinner. If you're going to have to be gone for a week (the week of Thanksgiving no less), I'd like to talk to you a little more. kthanxbye
    Dear Bump: You suck.
  • I am not thankful for discovering that the new cracks appearing in our house and due to the foundation having major issues (the house that we bought THIS YEAR!) and having to pay at least $5,000 to fix it... lovely news in this economy.

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  • That Dh is not already home so we can get going. Rude people as well. Crazy freaking drivers.
    CafeMom Tickers CafeMom Tickers
  • I'm not thankful that everyone is so focused on Christmas already.  Um, hello?  we still have Thanksgiving to get through!!  I was at BB&B yesterday and they are already answering the phone, "Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, thanks for calling BB&B...."  Gimmeabreak.  We can start talking about Christmas on Friday.
  • Rude people do suck but I am not thankful for rude people in traffic.  I am not thankful for the dumb person on their cell phone who cuts me off.  Grrrr....  Thank goodness I'm keeping my happy go lucky butt in town for Thanskgiving.
  • People who waited until this last minute to get a report done for the big boss and are now making me working on my week off to get them the research they need (per subscription contract, I'm the only one in the company who has access to certain research organizations. It's really annoying!)
  • image EMTX:
    I am not thankful for discovering that the new cracks appearing in our house and due to the foundation having major issues (the house that we bought THIS YEAR!) and having to pay at least $5,000 to fix it... lovely news in this economy.

    Just curious but who did you have out to give you that estimate?  We have significant cracks in our walls as well.  However, we hired an engineer, not a foundation fixing company, and he says that unless your house has sunk 5 inches he does not recommend using piers to lift your house.  I highly suggest you get another opinion before you shell out the money to fix it.  We had three foundation companies give us estimates.  One was $3600 for 10 beams, $2600 for 6 beams, and then one for $12,000 for a whoping 36 beams.  Huge difference.  If you want I can give you the name of the engineer we used.  He actually told us to just water our perimeter for the next 6 months to even our slab back out.  Then he said after that we can go ahead and fix the cosmetic cracks.

  • I got another...

    I am NOT thankful that the air conditioner units for our building are right outside my living room window.  And that the guy upstairs runs his air every freaking day for the entire freaking year.  So whenever its nice outside, like today, and I have my windows open all I can hear is the roar of his stupid air running. 


  • im NOT thankful for all the traffic (but what's new)

     and im NOT thankful for my DH's boss who decided to go to work with a cold and hack all over my DH - even though he knows this is the most important time of the year for my DH to stay healthy since we're so busy on the farm. and now my DH is sick and could get the whole family sick! thanks DH's boss!

  • I am not thankful for two failed IUI's and BFN after BFN after BFN's.
  • I like this post! I feel like I have SO much to be thankful for-- healthy and happy DD, happy marriage, etc, etc. BUT, when everyone says "you have so much to be thankful for" I can't help but think about my dad who is battling cancer. I'm not thankful for that!!

    Oh-- and I'm with you on the rude people. Ugh!!! They need to chill out.?

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