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sinus infection or cold?

Normally I wouldn't worry about it but since the doctor is closed the rest of the week, I am wondering if I should go in. I've been sick since Sunday and am concerned it might have turned to a sinus infection.  Anyone know a sure sign of a sinus infection?  (I've been searching the web and I'm borderline on yes/no right now.)

Re: sinus infection or cold?

  • Kinda gross - but look at the snot.  Clear usually means just a cold.  Green ir yellow signifies an infection.
  • It was nice and green this morning.  Darn.
  • Ugh, I'm just getting over the worst sinus infection of my life. ?I would say headaches, pressure behind your eyes or cheekbones, fever, cough, green snot. ?So not pleasant....

    A lot of sinus infections will clear up on their own, but sometimes a Z-pak is needed. ?Neti pots, sudafed, and mucinex can really help.?

  • If you're having extreme pressure in your sinus cavities, it might be a sinus infection. I had this problem a few months ago and went out and bought Mucinex D. It worked wonders. The pill works for 12 hours. It tastes awful, but it helped me to get better quicker. Have you tried a super decongestant like that?
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  • image ali-1411:
    Kinda gross - but look at the snot.  Clear usually means just a cold.  Green ir yellow signifies an infection.


    I second the snot thing.


    Also, whenever I get a sinus infection my jaw always seems to hurt. I suppose from all the pressure.

    HTH, feel better!

  • My doctor had me double up my Mucinex to 1200 mg twice a day and add Sudafed as a decongestant. ?I would take Sudafed during the day and Nyquil at night to help me sleep.
  • Agreed on the Mucinex.  But if you take the Mucinex-D, it already has Sudafed in it.
  • I am on Sudafed and Mucinex.  I take Mucinex per my ENTs orders at the first sign of a cold b/c I've had issues w/ ear infections these past few years.  I don't really have sinus pressure but super runny nose, cough, and yucky snot and phlegm.  I don't feel great but don't feel awful either.  Maybe I should call them just in case.  The last time I had a sinus infection there was no pressure either. 
  • I **think** green mucus means that your body is fighting the infection and you're on your way to recovery . . .

    If you're having a lot of problems breathing - try some Afrin (nose spray).  You can't use it for long - but combine that with your decongestant & mucinex - it should help you breathe a lot better.

    yellow -> green -> clear

    If it gets worse - there's an Austin Diagnostic Clinic - EasyCare clinic at Mopac/Parmer that is usually open and accepts walk-ins and same day appts.  I've gone there several times with sinus infections.

  • hope you're not still sick but if you doesn't always mean its a bacterial infection BUT if its lasted more than 7-10 days and doesn't seem like its getting better, you probably need antibiotics.  most of the time, the infection is viral, which can't be treated with antibiotics, and goes away by itself. hth
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