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random fashion question: thumb holes?

If the pink polka dotted hoodie I just bought has thumb holes in it does that mean it's not appropriate for an adult to wear?  What are the thumb holes FOR anyway.  I feel about 15 when I wear this thing but it is fun and I love it.  Maybe this is teeny-bopper chic?

Re: random fashion question: thumb holes?

  • I have a Northface running shirt that has thumb holes so that it doesn't ride up my sleeves when I run.

    I consider it more practical than trendy!

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  • See, this seems to make sense for a North Face running shirt.

    A pink polka-dotted hoodie?


  • I have a sweatshirt with thumb holes! Not intentional though, I wore it when I drank b!tch brew and needed to use a sleeve to screw off the cap.

    Personally I don't get the trend part of it. ?

  • the teen has thumb holes in a couple of her hoodies.

    those are the ones i never borrow. ?yes, i share clothes with my kid.?

  • Confession: I poke thumb holes into DH's sweatshirts when I borrow them ( I don't own sweater shirts of my own, but if I did I would do the same thing). 

    My guess is that it's a trend much like fingerless gloves.  I see no problems  with you wearing your sweatshirt. 

    Now, if it were a puffer jacket with a faux fur hood; I would leave that for the teens.

  • I have a few sweatshirts with thumb holes, but as long as you don't put your thumb through it you can't tell.

  • Yes, I'm afraid that means you are wearing teenybopper clothing. :)

    I decided that I am no longer allowed to wear hoodies in public. I already look young for my age and I'm short; they are really not helping me out in either department.?

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