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*Kat & Tiff*

OK - I'm looking for a good double stroller. ?Tiff - You got the BOB stroller, right? ?Is there a store you went to to test it out? ?I don't think I've seen them at BRU.?

Kat - are you getting one? ?If so, which one? ?

I tested the Graco Quatro Tour with T in it... That thing was a freaken tank!?

We tried the Combi one, but he was all squished in the seat & the steering was BAD!

We also tried the McClaren , but I don't think it'll accommodate the lil one until he gets older =(

Re: *Kat & Tiff*

  • we haven't gotten one yet. but are thinking of one of the sit and stands. Since Isabel is a little older, she much rather walk than be in the stroller. So I think I will have better luck getting her to stand in front of me.

    Plus I will have a sling to carry the baby in case she does get tired and needs to nap in the stroller.?

  • We are in love with the bob...which I really didnt want to be because of the price tag, luckily we got ours as a gift.  We test drove on in BRUS but Baby Bargins gave it a C or C- and other reviews werent too hot on it.  So when we started really looking into good ones the Bob was the only one we could NOT find a bad review on. Everyone loves them and they last forever.  One thing I noticed too was some of them had a low weight limit, like 50 total lbs!!! Not good! The bob has a 100lbs limit. Also it is a tank but it steers on a dime! and it very light. It doesnt fold up very small though, so if you have a little trunk or car, it would be a very tight squeeze. If you would like to try mine out just give me a call and come by neighbor!
  • P.S.the bob can hold an infant at 8 weeks or it has an attachment for a baby seat you can buy.
  • Kat - B/c T is younger than Isabel, I don't think the sit & stand one will work for us =(

    Tiff - I love that the BOB can hold up to 100lbs! At 18 months - T is already 32 lbs! ?Add the carrier for the lil one & you're almost at 50 lbs...eeek!?

    So they have it BRU?? I may not have seen it the time we went or maybe they didn't have it at that particular store (???) ?Which BRU did you try it out??

    Trunk space isn't too much of a problem. ?I just want one that steers great, isn't a tank & can accommodate both kiddies.

    I've been checking out the reviews for the Bumbleride. ?The price tag is right up there with the BOB. ?I just wish there was a place nearby that I can test it. =(

  • We didnt see it at BRU, I think they are too pricey to carry in store. We ordered it just off reviews, online and from moms we know. It is kinda like a  "tank" but since I am so tall I need one that is taller.  Just give me a call and you can test mine out! Bring Troy and you can try it out with him.
  • I don't know where you live but right start by victoria gardens has a lot of those higher end strollers so they might have the one you are looking for.

    If isabel was younger I probably would be looking at one those as well. However trunk space is a factor for us since our family car is a corolla. That's another big reason we are looking at the sit and stand.

  • Leann ... Check out the Phil & Ted's inline double. ?Heard great things about it and it's around the same price (or a little less) than the BOB double.
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