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  • SOONER!!!

    I am SO pumped. That was amazing.

  • That was beyond amazing! I couldn't believe we were playing the #2 team! They definately play like they were #2....I can't wait for bedlam! It is going to be a darn good game!


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  • SOONER!!!!  Holy cow - I definitely expected to win.....they were MUCH too confident to a team not used to big games like this.....but I DID NOT expect to win like that.  Kudos to Stoops for getting the fans all sorts of p!ssed off earlier in the week......he sure knows how to motivate the crowd!  VERY GLAD no one rushed the field.  Don't want Tech thinking they are "field rushing" worthy!


  • Now we have to wait for BCS standings to come out. I am nervous!
  • image HouseDivided07:
    Now we have to wait for BCS standings to come out. I am nervous!

    Kirk H with ESPN was really ticking me off last night.  He was absolutely speechless during the game - completely stunned and struggled to be complimentary toward OU.  They really need to be less biased.  With some degree, I agree with Texas fans - they beat OU on a neutral field and should be ranked above OU.  However, since then, Texas has fallen apart and OU has only gotten better - this is completely evident by the games both teams have played.  Not to mention OU had the tougher nonconference schedule as we beat both Cinn and TCU who are ranked (with a win next week, Cinn will win their conference and play in a BCS bowl).  Let's also keep in mind, Florida lost to OLE MISS (??????) AT HOME - and they are ranked #2?  How effed up is that?  If OU does not jump Texas this week, I don't think they will after next week either (assuming we are blessed with a win, of course).  The Coach's appear to be impressed with us which is 1/3 of the BCS rankings....the computers have ALWAYS loved OU....let's hope the excess human aspect of the BCS poll rolls out for OU today!

  • I agree. I am so tired of hearing Kirk talk about how Florida is the best team in the country. Blah, blah, blah!

    I am definitely looking forward to the Alabama/Florida game for the SEC championship.

  • I would LOVE to go to Miami to play Alabama.  I just love the Crimson Tide.  Their fans are the greatest group of people I have ever met.  I loved playing them here and I loved playing them in Tuscaloosa. They are truly a classy bunch of people.  Regardless of what happens in OUr season - I am rooting hard core for Alabama! ROOOOOOLLLLLLLL TIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!

    Also, I guess when the Coach's poll came out earlier today, Herbie and Corso were at Sooner Fashion Mall when they received the big news.  I guess they were NOT happy with those results and were visably upset about it. 

  • That was the BEST game ever!  I just can't believe the BCS has Texas #2 and us #3---what the crap???
  • image ashdonne:
    That was the BEST game ever!  I just can't believe the BCS has Texas #2 and us #3---what the crap???

    Seriously?? That's crap! But the game Saturday was AWESOME!! BOOMER SOONER!

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