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career happiness vs financial peace of mind . . .

I am mostly writing here to vent, but if anyone has some advice it would be gr neatly appreciated. I recently left a full time job due to personal reasons. I left with the knowledge that I would be starting another job at the end of August, and with my part time nanny supplement my DH and I knew we would be able to thrive.

I recently learned that my new job would now not be starting until October or November. Although I might be able to continue to nanny, this is shaky (I have already put in my end of August notice . . .) To top everything off we have recently qualified for and are able to buy a house, something we have been wanting to do for two years.

 My question is do I continue to pursue this culinary career path or do I go back to child care? I will work more stable hours in child care, but I am not as satisfied as I would be cooking. I don't want to place the entire financial burden on my DH because that's unfair. How important is career happiness if everything else in your life is great?

Re: career happiness vs financial peace of mind . . .

  • I think if you have a career you are actually passionate about, it's worth looking into if it is a possibility. As for me- I've never been one with career goals. I just wanted a job, which I have, that has decent pay, good benefits and good hours and a lot of flexibility, which is what I wanted for when we have kids. I could be doing more that would probably keep me busier and make more money, but not guarantee the flexibility which is important to me. So, it really comes down to that- do you want that flexibility and stability in your life at this moment or do you love cooking enough and have those career goals that will really make you happy? Only you know that, and it's ok to place that "burden" on your husband while you go through schooling at least!
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  • I think people spend entirely too much time at work for it to just be a place holder for their real passions. I have so much to offer the world in addition to what I will give my family directly. Not everyone agrees with me. Only you know what will feed your soul and help you be a happy person and happy parent. If working a job you LOVE helps you stay passionate and motivated in life, that will bleed into your parenting. If you're bored and sapped, that will too.
  • I think since you have a goal or true passion, you should continue to pursue it. I never really had a specific goal in mind, I just worked whatever job I could and have been at mine for 4 years. I don't have much advice. :( I hope it all works out for the best. :)

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  • Before I had my son, I had a very demanding career. I thought that it was what I wanted but it turns out that it wasn't. The fact that I was not happy at work started affecting everything else in my life. To the point where I was fighting with my husband (and everyone else) over nothing because I was just so unhappy at work. I even got put on bed rest towards the end of my pregnancy because I was so stressed out about how unhappy I was at work.

    After I had my son, I took a pay cut to work less hours at a job that I enjoy more. We needed to change our budget around but honestly, it was the best decision that I could have made.

    I recommend you doing the job that you would enjoy more. It's so much more important than money. Good luck with deciding! It's such a tough decision to make. 

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  • If I'm going to be spending something over 1/3 of my waking life on one thing, I would really like to enjoy it.  Even if everything else in my life was awesome, that still only like 67% awesome.  That's, what?  D, maybe a D+.  I would be inclined to pursue something that I'd enjoy.
  • Do what you love.  I've done both and have been happiest doing what I love and it makes me more appreciative of it.
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  • Personally I left a job that could have turned into a good career but there was too many negatives especially in the personal arena that turned me off of that.

     What I would suggest is to see if you can find some type of temporary job through a temp service while you wait for your culinary career path to open up.  You are only talking about a few more months.

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