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BR: Barnes and Noble experience/funny

My friend and I were perusing a bunch of different stores in this strip and she mentioned she had to pee. I told her there was a restroom in B&N and I could look at books (obviously), so we went in there. Anyway, I'm looking around the YA section and I overhear this mother talking to her two sons. The older one was looking for a book in a series and wasn't really sure what he wanted. The mother has no idea of what to look for and is searching around for some staff to maybe make a recommendation. I approach and ask what they're looking for and the mom said "Well he's in sixth grade but reads at a high school level, is into sci-fi, wants something in a series, and needs something fun that will entertain him." I naturally give my unsolicited advice and recommended "I Am Number Four". I explain the plot to the kid and he gets really excited about it and I tell the mom that the story takes place in Ohio and the author is also from Ohio (the state I live in) and she thought that was neat. The mom goes "We're getting this book!" and starts to head to checkout and I mention as they're walking away "OH, my fiance liked this book too, so it's a boy book! I hope you like it." I was so excited I could recommend something that this boy might like, I really hope he does!

Re: BR: Barnes and Noble experience/funny

  • That's awesome! I think recommending a book to someone is one of the best feelings ever! 
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  • It was!! I loved that he was responsive about it too. If he hates it, oh well. If not I feel like I introduced someone to a whole new series they may not have picked up before. Love it :)

  • That was my favorite part about being a bookseller at B&N, recommending books that I liked to people. It gave me warm fuzzies :)
  • That's great! And I LOVE recommending books set in my hometown or state. It's always fun reading about familiar places.
    I write sexy books. I read all the books. I love dresses & macarons.

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  • I love recommending books to people! Especially when they report back that they just loved it and will never doubt my book knowledge again and ask for more recommendations. I love spreading the book love!
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