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Empty backyard

I have a pretty big backyard with a small raised flower bed by my patio, I'd like to put flowers in it, I want something that will come back every year. Also right now the sides of the bed are pretty bad I'm planning on putting a new side what should I use, it's rocks right now.. Any ideas for my new yard would be greatly appreciated. I'd also like to put a swing  or bench, I have two toddlers!! I need something strong. Lol. Anything else I should include in my yard??
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Re: Empty backyard

  • Install a uniform lawn to provide the carpet-like look. Flowers will add a lot of color to your yard. Water features not only add a visual centerpiece to your backyard, but also give a refreshing bubbling sound as well.
  • I used perennials:

    You can find them already blooming or plant the bulbs. If you already have the raised flowerbeds thats even easier! I had to make mine in my yard! Look for flowers that will be good in your climate/area. I live in Colorado and used several locale universities have information or classes that will help you figure out good plants that will grow well in your climate! Another thing you can do is stop by landscaping and garden stores and look at their displays to get ideas that you like for your yard!

  • If you are looking for flowers to add some height to your garden, plant Dahlia's. They are a beautiful bulb that come in many different colors. Make sure you plant them close to the fence or back of the garden, as they can grow high blocking out other flowers. Begonia's are very hardy flowers, don't need hardly any care and do well in full sun. I love using ferns and impatiens in shady area's. 

    I don't know where you live, but I live in an area where fruit trees do very well and we never get a frost. If you live in a mild climate area, I would fill it with edibles. These days so many plants are GMO's and not healthy to feed to your children. It is great to grow your own food so you know exactly what has gone into what you eat.  

     Make sure before you plant, you find out how high each plant grows, create the layered effect by putting high plants in the back with the smallest in the front. Many people plant before planning and the result is a chaotic yard. Another tip is to plant flowers in triangular clumps to avoid things looking unnatural...blocks of color are more pleasing to the eye than random little broken up colors. 


    Good luck, have fun! 

  • These flowerbeds give a nice, modern touch:

    If you're really into gardening, you could expand on that and dedicate a nook in an area of your lawn specially for gardening.  Here's a photo for inspiration:

    I also think adding a fire pit and a few lounge chairs is great if you are interested in entertaining or spending time with your family outdoors.

  • If you're someone who likes a nice full garden, check out some cottage garden ideas here at BHG:

    As for flowers in general that come back year after year: tulips, lilies, irises, roses (I have an Oklahoma Rose, but Knockout Roses are very pretty, too), Hydrangeas, Canna Lilies...there are so many. Those are just the ones I planted, but I'm far from done. It's all really based on your tastes.
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