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Housewarming - How long is too long to have one?

My husband and I purchased our first home in June! As of right now we have not moved in since we are doing some TLC/Fixing up (we are currently renting). 

Unfortunately, TLC costs added up to more than we expected, along with the fact we had unexpected car problems, so that really tightened our budget.

We just can't could afford throwing a housewarming till next summer. We can't afford furniture like a couch and dining set, and we would of course like to have places for people to sit! We just have a futon right now. 

If counting from June, it would probably be 10-12 months before we could afford to throw a housewarming. If counting from when we finally move in (September), then it would be 8-10 months. 

Is that too far out? Should we just not have one? It's our first home so we're kind of bummed because we'd really like to throw a party. We don't expect gifts at all, just to want to show off our new place to family and friends (which is why we started calling it a House Party instead of a Housewarming). We just want to celebrate!

However, I don't know what the proper etiquette is...


Re: Housewarming - How long is too long to have one?

  • IMO, the word "housewarming" can only be used in the first 90 days. After that, homeowners should just have a party and offer to show people around the house if they're interested.

    It would be really fun if you did a casual cookout now with moving boxes and construction, and then another party with the same group next year when you're finished with renovations so they can see the changes.

  • Bag the housewarming party idea.  How about a winter get together or wait until next spring and have a kick off to the warm weather party or something similar.  You can have people to your house without it being a purpose; you can do it just to entertain.  Have fun, and good luck with the new house!

  • Nthing the "raw" housewarming -- it's the most fun, and truly "warms" the house by infusing it with the good energy of a friendly gathering. And the expectations are so much lower! If you wait, you'll stress about getting everything just right, but if you go for it now, things can be unfinished and messy and you can have a keg and a grill  and everyone will be happy. Wait a year, and everyone will be looking for coordinated linens and fancy apps.

    A side benefit is that people may be getting rid of things you can use, and people might make good suggestions for places you can get good furniture, a good drywall guy, etc.


  • We also moved into our new house in June and won't be having a house warming party for a couple of months out.  I do think that it is helpful to remind myself that things don't have to be "perfect" to throw one.  Also, borrowed folding chairs and tables will work just fine, as many people often just stand around talking (usually clogging up the kitchen).  Just a thought but I think it's awesome that you want to throw a party no matter when you do it because it is a lot of work and it is a memory that you and your significant other will always have.  Plus people want to see the place too so forget etiquette and have a house party whenever you want.  :)
  • We moved into our place in November of last year and our "housewarming" is this Saturday. Like you, we did a lot of work to the place and we just weren't ready to show it to people until now. Honestly though, I still see paint that I want to touch up and projects that are "high priority" that are not done. I don't think it will every be done. I'm really excited for this weekend, but I almost wish we had had ours earlier when less work was done and show off projects as we finished them. Have fun, whenever you have your housewarming! =)
  • Personally, if I knew you were doing a lot of work, I think I would understand a housewarming at a later date. One couple I know did a great deal of work to their home that they bought in March and didn't have their housewarming until the following October. Nobody had an issue. Remember that housewarmings do not need to be intricate, either. Finger foods or sandwiches are appropriate. We had a BBQ for ours. Shouldn't be too budget-busting.
    ~CaraMia~ Married to my HS sweetheart since 7/2/10 Celebrating 10 years together 6/3/12! Anniversary
  • I say just do it! I think people would understand knowing that you had to do the additional TLC etc and can't throw a party right away. Congrats on buying a home!
    Stusanto Anniversary
  • Do it whenever you want! We are totally done renovating but are still doing a casual bbq with finger foods and folding chairs. Even though most of our tight circle has already seen the place, we are so excited to show it off and even though Iʻm nervous about making everything perfect, it is what it is. Buying a house is a BIG deal and those who love you, will be excited for you no matter what. 

    Side note: Now throwing the party once everything is "done". we have nothing to tell people when they ask what to get us! The plus side of not being done is that there are still things you need and people feel like theyʻre helping. 
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