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post monster (long)

Apparently, Im a post monster today. We are slow today so Im bored. 


Anyway, I wanted to fill you girls in on my last cardiologist appointment. It went really well. I kicked the stress tests butt did better than I did the past two times I had it done. My doctor was super happy with the results and even though I haven't lost any major weight she its more on how my heart is doing than the weight so thats good...hopefully eventually I will see some results.

My H and I went because we were supposed to discuss family planning and we did for a few minutes but because of the major event of my heart exploding not too long ago we are still coming off of that and adjusting so we are not ready to bring a little one in yet..but I do have to get a procedure done to close a little hole in my repair before we TTC.   We both decided we want a baby even if we have just one we will be okay but not eventually I have to get this procedure.

I haven't told my mom yet about what the doctor said about closing the hole because I don't want her to get involved in the decision. It is between me and H and I already know she wishes we would adopt or even not have any. Since I am an only and was very ill all growing up she is super involved and is just scared to lose me with all the risks. 

I am actually scared to tell her that we have decided to eventually proceed with TTC even though I know eventually she will be supportive.  I just cant add that pressure to an already difficult decision. I know I have to eventually tell her so she is not shocked when I tell her Im going for the procedure. 


Well thanks for listening to me vent!  

"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"

Re: post monster (long)

  • Glad to hear your stress test went well!

    I'm an only child so I understand what you mean by your mom being overprotective. I had really severe asthma as a kid and my mom still asks how my breathing is etc., I can't imagine you with a heart issue.

    Take your time telling your mom, I'm sure one day the opportunity will present itself and you guys will have an honest and productive conversation.

  • I'm glad to hear you're doing good and that your doctor is happy with the results. I'm also glad you decided to eventually TTC while I wouldn't want you to risk your health I do know how important that part of life is and yes there are other options that are wonderful but they aren't options for everyone.

    You and your mom will find time to talk and it will all work out. You are an adult and you and your H should be able to make your own decisions together. Her opinion will always be important to you but it is no longer her decision. Do what is best for you and it will all work out in the end!  

  • Glad to hear your doing well!  That is a hard decision, but I think I would make the same one.   Im sure your Mom will be worried, but will eventually understand and except your decision.
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