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which phone?

should i get an iphone, Nokia lumia or other windows phone, or s4? plz comment with your op and why. keep in mind i mostly use my cell for pics, fbk, instagram, and email.
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Re: which phone?

  • I have the iPhone 5 and my DH has the S4.  In my opinion, I actually like his phone a lot more than mine, so I would go with the Galaxy.  It really depends on what features are important to you.  He used to have an iPhone and uses his phone for the exact same things you do, and prefers it.  You could go to a phone store and play around with your options and see what feels most comfortable to you.
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  • I had an iPhone from 04/2009 until this past May.  I now have a Note II.  I prefer the android OS over the apple.  DH has a Windows and there are very few apps for it, he'll end up getting rid of it and getting an android at some point.
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  • I have an iPhone 4s.  I really like iPhones.  iPhones are smaller than most smartphones, which I really like.

    I have used Androids and really dislike the operating system.  It tends to be not as responsive and movements, typing, clicking, scrolling, almost everything really, is a lot jumpier and jerkier.  I think my iPhone takes pretty good pictures.  I have heard that the new Nokia phone (not sure which one it is) has a really good camera.
  • I am a Verizon rep. Do not get a Windows phone. Its a world of problems and just a bad phone design in general. Apple vs Android is a Coke/Pepsi problem. Apple is an obvious fashion statement but its well designed so it also appeals to the tech savvy. Android is completely customizable and expandable, unlike Apple, but their value depreciates faster.
    I choose phones based on two factors: what is the ebay resale value for each option (I always keep great care of my phone and sell for $300-$400 when I am done with it) and is it Android. (I prefer customization and widgets over fashion) So my S4 was a given for me.
    THAT BEING SAID, the S5 is being released before the end of March with an 8 core processor and a *possible* sleek metal design. Hold out for that one. It will be AMAZING.
  • I had an iphone 3GS and now have an S4. Android has won me over...If my S4 lasts anywhere near as long as my 3GS (3 yrs), then I will stick with Android.
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