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Help re: Lyme disease


Just found out my pup has Lyme disease.  Doc is going to start her on 4 weeks of treatment.

Anyone have any experience with this? We didn't even notice she was sick.


Re: Help re: Lyme disease

  • Oh no! I'm so sorry for your pup. But I'm so glad the vet caught it and she's receiving treatment now. Lots of healing, healthy vibes!
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    I'm sorry that you have a pup with Lyme disease. Thankfully she isn't to the point of having any symptoms of the disease.

    Which antibiotic are they treating her with? Amoxicillin or Doxycycline? Unfortunately, in our area, the cost of doxycycline as skyrocketed (to about $400 for 60 pills!!!). Luckily, antibiotics begin to work quickly and arthritic symptoms (if any) can improve quickly, but the antibiotic is continued for 1-4 weeks because the spirochete (the organism that causes Lyme disease) hides within the cells and is difficult to kill. Even with several weeks of antibiotics, it is impossible to eradicate the bacteria (Borrelia); but antibiotics decrease the number of spirochetes to a point that they no longer cause disease. This is a disease that she will test positive but if/when symptoms occur again, another round of antibiotics will be administered.

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  • thank you for that info.  UGGHHHH not looking forward to paying a lot for pills, but what can you do...

    ETA:  called the vet's office-  luckily the pills are only $66!

  • oh im so sorry, good thing they caught it early!! Growing up we had a dog that caught it and we found it early as well. After the antibiotics he was perfectly fine. Sending you guys well wishes!
  • I am glad they caught it early for your puppy!  One of my goldens had Lymes disease and it was scary because we didnt catch it early, but with medication (for about a month) he ended up being just fine and is still chasing my other 2 at 13.5 years old.  So happy you caught it early and your puppy should be just fine:) Good luck!

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