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Nestie Vibes Needed Please!

So I have finally moved, started my job, and got my board exams all scheduled... I'm supposed to be taking one on Wednesday (6/19) and the other on 6/25.  Last night I get an e-mail at 8:15PM that their policy just changed, and since my name on the admission form says first name/last name but my drivers license and passport say first name/middle name/last name I can't test on Wednesday.  They require 5 business days to make any name changes, so I may be screwed.  The crazy thing is, I have already submitted name change paperwork in March for my last name since I first registered back in early 2012...and they couldn't have told me then!?  I can't reschedule the exam until the middle of next month as all the dates are taken, and if I don't get it rescheduled by 2PM on Monday I have to pay not only the original $485, but a second $485 to get another date.  I am so mad/stressed, I don't know how they can change a policy and notify me with 2 business days, then tell me I'm SOL because they require a 5-day heads up.  I am faxing them a letter and copy of my drivers license and will call Monday morning (work will just have to understand) but they may tell me they can't do it with only 52 hours notice.  If that's the case I lose out on not only the re-schedule fee, but the pay difference for another month of salary and the stress of prolonging the inevitable another month.  Any nestie vibes are appreciated that they can resolve this prior to Wednesday... I'm so stressed!  

 Hope all your weekends are going better than mine!! 



Re: Nestie Vibes Needed Please!

  • Ugh, sounds like a red tape nightmare!  Hope it all gets resolved sooner rather than later - as if taking boards wasn't a pain enough, without this!
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  • That's horrible! I hope it works out for you.  Good luck!
  • Ugh, that's terrible!!! I'm so sorry!

    Sending many nestie vibes that things resolve asap!!


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  • ugh this is awful...good luck and hope it works out!!!
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  • Did you get it sorted out today? Hoping you got some good news...
  • Update: I called first thing in the morning, and after many dropped calls and busy signals, finally talked to someone 2.5 hours later.  They said that had I made this request two weeks ago they would have changed it within 48 hours, but today she won't.  She also claimed my ID and marriage certificate "changed" and didn't have my middle name... no, no, they most definitely do, and haven't changed in the last three months, but thanks.  So she told me I'm SOL and I had to pay the fees to reschedule the earlier test.  She said she updated my middle name based on my drivers license I had sent in.  So when I got home from work at 5:15 I logged in to check, and she SPELLED IT WRONG.  So now I have to call AGAIN tomorrow, wait on hold AGAIN, and they could technically tell me I'm borderline the 5-day rule for my exam next Tuesday, thus charging me another fee and pushing me back even farther.  I'm so frustrated, I am not sure whether to scream or cry.  Hopefully things go well tomorrow morning and I can be done with this mess.  When all is said and done, they will be getting a NASTY letter from me.  As Sam said, it's not as if starting a new job, moving and studying for boards isn't stressful enough- now they have to add this on top of it.  It literally is affecting thousands of people, you'd think they might get the hint that this policy isn't really fair to those that had signed up prior to its enactment...

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