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Weekend Plans?



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Re: *TGIF*

  • Weekend Plans? Sunday is my birthday! not sure what we'll do yet, but I'm guessing we'll spend some time with my Dad and maybe we'll have to celebrate my bday on Saturday.

    Rants? Time is going by too slow today, I need it to be 4:30 so I can go home!

    Raves? It's Friday, and I'm SO looking forward to relaxing this weekend.


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  • Rants/Raves: nothing really. It's been a pretty ho-hum week.

    Plans: Again, we don't have too much going on. I'm going to zumba tomorrow morning and then hopefully enjoying the rest of the day outdoors. It's been so dreary lately I could use some sunshine! Sunday will be housecleaning and general laziness.

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  • Weekend Plans: Today packing for our move for florida next sunday. Tomorrow H & I are going to visit his moms parents and take our thing to his parents place to store. Sunday I work and more packing to do. 

    Rants: I am so mad at my manager that makes the schedule at work. She knows that my last day at work is the 21st and that my H & I are packing to leave yet she scheduled me to work crazy hours next week & I have 1 day off during the week & that is the day before H & I move out of our apt. I know I didn't ask off but you would think it is common courtesy you know I am moving. Gah i am mad. i work in retail so my schedule is flexible to me if i knew someone was moving I wouldn't schedule them a carzy amount of hours. Plus i hate packing so much stuff ugh

    Raves; I don't work tomorrow and can't wait to see H's Grandparents moving to florida in about a week :)


  • Mona8Mona8 member
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    Weekend Plans: Lots of errands, Giving our pup a bath, Seeing our dads, and then Sunday is my grandma's 90th birthday party :)

    Rants:It's been raining wayyy too much this week (thankfully they're saying tomorrow should clear up and be nice)

    Raves: I got to see one of my best friends yesterday (my MOH) and it just put me in a good mood :)

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  • Weekend Plans: Camping, so excited!

    Rants: Money is so scary right now...i wish my H would finally get the raise he been promised ugh

    Raves: camping!

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  • Weekend Plans:  H and I are going to my parent's house this weekend.  We will be doing a bunch of random stuff.

    Rants:  I don't really have any.

    Raves:  Thursday was my last day of work until late August.  Yay summer break! 

  • Rants:

    This week has dragged has sucked...that's pretty much normal anymore :( 

    Also been dealing with the backlash of working with animals and if anyone in ohio heard..about those 5 kittens shot and killed by the North Ridgeville humane officer....its very ugly around here on FB etc  :( so been getting customer's in at the store and rescue groups back and forth opinions etc



    Aunt flow was on time last week and ive been free of her this that is really good news :)  been making up for lost Sexy time lol....trying to make those babies haha..

    My cousin's wife just had their first kid together...he is sooo cuteee...he has an older son from an ex too.....lovin those baby pics :)


    Weekend plans:

    Leaving tomorrow morning for Toledo...headed up to Michigan for the Nascar race Sunday...soooooo excited..its been years since ive been to a race...and this is hubby's first Nascar race...and our driver ( Dale jr) won last year so we both keeping fingers crossed he will win again :) Soooo anxious :)

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