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Cleaning schedule

DH and I are trying to get in the rhythm of cleaning more routinely, instead of when we just feel like it or are having guests..

What is your cleaning schedule? We have a 3/2 house with a large living room and kitchen, if that makes a difference. The bedroom floors are carpet, and the rest of the house is stone.



Re: Cleaning schedule

  • The best thing I ever did was create a cleaning calendar.  Come up with small tasks, and assign a couple to each day of the month.  Make sure that when you add up the time it will take you to complete them, that it doesn't take longer than 20-30 minutes with the exception of one day a week.  If it's any longer than that, you won't be as motivated to get the items done.  

    My browser won't let me post this screen shot of mine or make the link clicky, but here's a picture of what mine looked like when DH and I were living in our apartment before we bought our house. 

    I hope this helps you!

  • I put my home on a 2 week rotation. We have 3 finished levels, but the basement isn't used very much so I usually just keep it neat and vacuum it when guests are coming.

    I don't do any cleaning chores on Saturday or Sunday. And, I have Wednesdays open as a "free day" to choose a special project, like vacuuming sofas, sharpening knives, organizing a closet, etc. This is the day to do something that gets done rarely/seasonal basis/or is a special 1x task.

    Monday Laundry: Sheets, towels, other linens. Sweep hardwood flooring and laundry room floor.

    Tuesday: Clean Master Bath

    Thursday: Vacuum 2nd level and main stair way. Dust 2nd level and main stairs.

    Friday: Vacuum Main level and basement stairs. Dust main level and basement stairs.

    Monday: Remove clutter, file papers, and straighten toys.

    Tuesday: Clean Kids' Bathroom and Powder Room.

    Thursday: Laundry Clothing

    Friday: Iron Clothing.

    I have discovered that if I divide up the types of tasks it isn't so overwhelming. For example, if I knew I needed to clean 3 bathrooms on one day - that would drive me crazy. So I do 2 on one day and 1 on another.

    I also divide up my laundry chores throughout the weeks because I hate laundry. I begin in the morning and keep cycling through the wash and dry loads until it's done on that same day.

    Lastly, we don't wear our shoes in the house at all, so this keeps down dirt and dust...a lot.

  • Is it just the two of you?  Any pets? Kids?  Allergies? etc? 


    It's just hubby and me at home so our house doesn't get dirty all that fast.  I have our house on a 2 week rotation.  Our house is also about 1500 sqft, so its fairly manageable to clean top to bottom in about 2 hours.  I typically set aside a morning or evening to:

    dust and vacuum entire house (we're mostly carpet)

    swiffer floors in kitchen, bathrooms and entryway

    wipe down bathrooms

    change bed linens


    aside from that - the kitchen gets organized every day (washing and putting away dishes, etc), and laundry is done every few days.  hubby and I each do our own laundry so it's on an as-needed basis. I try to organize my desk 1x per week (pay bills, go through mail, papers, etc)


    during allergy season or when we're hosting parties, the dusting and vacuuming happens more often. =)

  • We have a really tiny house (just under 700 sq. ft.), so it doesn't take too much time.  DH and I are both musicians though (which is on top of full-time jobs for both of us), so we are usually pretty busy, and the schedule sometimes has to be flexible.  We don't have any kids, but we do have a cat.

    You should check out Her schedule is what I basically go off of.

    Make bed
    Wipe down bathroom counter, toilet
    Wipe down kitchen counters, do dishes
    Sweep kitchen floor quickly
    Laundry-as needed (except sheets/towels, which I do on Saturdays)
    Garbage/recycling/compost-as needed

    Clean shower (I do this while I'm taking my shower)



    Mop floors

    Catch up, pick up clutter that has accumulated

    Launder and replace sheets & towels

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