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Relocating to Idaho

Hopefully somebody sees this....


My husband and I are born and raised Californian. We want to move to Idaho in the next couple years but aren't sure where to look. What are some good family friendly cities? As far as a house we would want a newer home with a 3 car garage 3-4bed/3ba and a little land (we currently have a half acre) for around $300k. Is that even possible? I've been looking online around Star, ID and I'm not finding anything in our price range.

Any tips would be very helpful. Thank you! 

Re: Relocating to Idaho

  • My husband and I moved from Washington to Boise a couple of years ago. So far we love it out here and couldn't imagine raising our family anywhere else.

    Boise has so much to offer families. There are events almost always going on, and lots of things to do outdoors year round. So far there has also been lots of opportunities for community involvement and volunteering, which has been important to us.

     The farther out from Boise you move the cheaper prices get and the more land you get for your money. We have only lived in Boise since we moved here as we both work down town. However we have had friends that live in Mountain Home, Kuna, and Nampa and they all seem to love their respective towns. However we haven't always heard the best about Nampa and Caldwell.

     Good luck on your decision to come out here. I suggest maybe doing a family vacation this summer to come out and see what Boise and the surrounding area have to offer. One great family event that is coming up at the end of August is the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.The zoo also has some great events coming up this summer. Two great websites that I use to see what is going are and

  • Thank you. My husband has some vacation time in mid August so i think we're going to try to come out then. We have friends in Star and I'm looking into meridian. 

    What have you heard that's bad about nampa and Caldwell?

    Is the job market pretty good. I'm from CA and we know a lot of people out of work here. I know nation wide it's pretty high but what do u think? 

    How's the snow? I've heard it will snow overnight and pretty much be gone by lunch the next day. That seems like a lie to me. ;) 

  • Hi!  I'm located in Boise as well, and just stumbled across your post.  Hopefully I'm not too late to the game to be helpful here.

     Your information on the snow is correct.  The Treasure Valley (southern huge valley across the state) is considered high desert.  Depending on where you are from in CA, it won't actually be that big of a climate shift for you.  We get very limited percipitation, and that includes snow.  I would recommend being very particular about asking your realtors about fire-risk for your list of potential homes.  There are very specific areas around the Treasure Valley that tend to catch fire each year (luckily Boise and it's satellite cities are pretty isolated from fire risk).

    I would definitely recommend closely looking at the state map before looking for homes (I know that sounds basic, but you mentioned Star and that is a long drive to Boise, where most of the jobs are).  Meridian is right snug up next to Boise and a lot of people live there (they are basically joined cities).

    As a general (but not iron-clad) rule, the more East you go away from Boise, the cheaper the housing gets (barring resort towns like Ketchum of course), but keep in mind that's because the towns aren't highly sought after to live in. Most of the large corporate potato farms are in the south eastern part of the state, and the air quality suffers from dust load during the harvest season in that area.

    Let me know if there's any other information you'd like! 


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