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Another Marine Corps Ball Dress Question - is it okay to wear a short dress?

I just found the most adorable JCrew dress for a steal's listed under the Evening Dress category but it is knee length.  Is that appropriate for a Marine Corps Ball?

I have been to a few USMC Bday Ball's but have always worn a long dress.  Honestly, for my body style, I prefer to wear knee-length but just need some guidance.  Would a knee length be way too informal?  I don't want to offend!

 TIA ladies!  Big Smile

Re: Another Marine Corps Ball Dress Question - is it okay to wear a short dress?

  • Knee length is fine. Anything higher would be bad. I saw a girl with a mini dress on the other night. =/ Her coat was longer than her dress. That's fine for nightclubs, but a formal event? Ummm. No. lol
  • At the Navy ball that I went to last month, there were a few people that wore knee length and tea length dresses.  I think as long as it is tasteful, go for it.  I agree with pp that I would make sure it was more "adult evening wear" and less "club wear."  If that makes sense.  It honestly depends on the dress.  Do you have a link/pic?     


  • Here is a link to the Jcrew site: 

    I agree - the super short club dresses are way too inappropriate for bday balls. 

    I was planning on wearing this dress with a beautiful broach to kind of dress it up a bit.

    I truly appreciate your advice, ladies! 

  • That dress is more than fine. Its very classy. I saw quite a number of short dresses this year and for the most part they were all appropriate.
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  • That dress is plenty ok for the ball. It's really pretty, too.
  • I agree with pp.  That dress would be appropriate.  It's too cute.
  • Thank you Ladies, you were a tremendous help!  Big Smile
  • This dress is gorgeous but it is semi-formal, not formal according to tradition and etiquette rules. The Marines wear their dress blues, which is equivalent to a tuxedo and it is generally considered best for the spouses to follow suit. Of course, some women choose to wear semi-formal dresses anyway either because they don't care or don't know about black tie event customs, but that's up to you. I'm sure no one will say anything to you if you wear the semi-formal dress, but it's good to know the etiquette rules so you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to follow them or not. Here is a link with guidelines for dressing for a black tie event:

  • Its completely ok to wear a short dress. I am wearing a short dress and I will feel 100% comfortable doing so. Traditionally a long dress is black tie but recently things have changed and some shorter dresses are completely acceptable.
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