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Wake up the board! Let's do some intros or something!

Our board is so boring! LOL. It seems like most of the boards have a billion lurkers, but no posters, anyway.

I am going to copy/paste my bio below as an intro. Hopefully some of you lovely CT ladies will at least post some intros as well. It would be fun if we could have an actual community on the board. My only stipulation - no snark! That kills me, when people come on the boards just to be snarky or troll....we should build each other up instead of always tearing each other down. Anyway, my bio (little long - I am wordy):

  Hi Nesties! My name is Julie. I consider myself approachable, friendly, positive, and goofy. I live in CT and have been married for almost 3 years. I've known my hubby for over 10 years and he truly is my second half. We have no children yet but 2 fur babies! We will be TTC this summer/fall, which I am super excited about because being a mom means everything to me. Although MH is the chef of the house, I am learning to cook - so I love to look for new recipes and tricks to make it easier. My favorite household thing to do is clean lol, it helps me clear my mind. I also am a fledgling gardener. We have been in our home for about 2 years and since we were the first to live in it, it still needs many little details and upgrades. So I like to come on the Nest for that, too. I love instagram, photography, music, theater, and all sorts of artistic inspirations. I also like to read and respond on the community boards but they always seem so dead! I am a high school special education teacher but hopefully I will make the switch the elementary this coming year. I live and work in urban districts and I love it! However, if I hit the lotto, I would have to quit my job and just volunteer on the side lol. Well that's about it! I look forward to meeting you.



Daisy & Picabo <3

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Proud Newbie Gardener :)

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Re: Wake up the board! Let's do some intros or something!

  • I feel you on the CT board dead-ness. I used to love the CT knot board but CT is just soo tiny I feel no one uses it here or on the bump.

    So I'll contribute too! I live in Simsbury, we just bought a house. DH and I have been married 2 years, dating for 8, we have 2 fur-babies, I work at the Children's Hospital, we are TTC (after a loss), I love cooking, gardening, yoga, beaches and skiing. I make DH do all the cleaning because I hate it ;) We are ankles deep renovating our house and I'm loving Pinterest for DIY home decorating ideas (goodbye oak vanities, hello espresso finished gel stain!)

  • I'm all about making a community!


    We just got married 2 and a half weeks ago and live in Easton.  Anyone interested in meeting up in person? 

  • I got married 8 years ago. I never come on the nest anymore, but felt bad for just lurking today.  This place used to be hopping years ago.
  • My name is Terri.  I have been happily divorced since 7/24/08.

    I met my BF online playing a video game and a year after meeting, I moved from CT to PA to live with him.

    I have a 25 year old son still in CT and a 8 month old grand daughter by him.  I try to come back to CT each month to spoil her.

    My daughter is 21 and came to PA with me.

    A month after moving to PA, my BF 10 month old grandson came to live with us.  He is now 27 months old and doing excellent.  His parents had/have some personal issues but are doing well to recover.  They see him about once a week.

    That's about it.  I hope you all wont kick me off the CT board and send me packing to the PA board!  :-)
  • I'm really hoping that the CT board comes alive too!! We can do it!

    My FI and I live in Canton; I moved down here from Vermont because of his job.  Wehave been together for just shy of 2 years, and got engaged in October, and will be getting married next November- I'm so excited!

    I have one furbaby, a big brindle boxer!  I have had him since before I met my FI, and he's totally a Momma's boy.

    We love cooking (when our schedules allow it) and doing anything outdoors.
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