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Inexpensive nice furniture?

My husband and I bought a new house and are closing on the 27th of June. We are moving into a house with more rooms than our current house has, and we don't have nearly enough furniture! We also don't have a ton of money to be spending on the furniture...

Do you all have any suggestions on places (they can be online places) to find nice, but not too expensive furniture? Link me if you can think of any! :)



Re: Inexpensive nice furniture?

  • You don't mention what rooms you are looking to furnish, but I totally love IKEA furniture for it's price, sturdiness and choices.

    I redid my living room a few years ago and got one of their Ektorp sofas, a chair, 2 bookcases, a desk (I work at home) and desk chair. I ordered all of these online. Bookcases, desks and tables need to be assembled, but the armchair and sofa just had to have the plastic taken off and covers put on. The covers are machine washable, and I washed them for the first time earlier this year. They turned out great.

    I've ordered a couple more bookcases for one wall in my kitchen because I have so many cookbooks and bowls.

    The only other reasonably priced stores I can think of that are in a lot of states is Big Lots and Christmas Tree Shop. Big Lots has larger furniture like desks, sofas, tables, and Christmas Tree Shop has a lot of cute accent furniture that is reasonably priced. Neither has online shopping capabilities.

    I understand Ashley Furniture is kind of budget friendly, but we don't have one near us.

    It might help to know what area you live in, in case people near there have more ideas.

  • It's better IMO to leave a room empty than to fill it with furniture that'll end up in a landfill in 5-10 years.  If you can't furnish your house with quality used furniture (Craigslist, second hand stores, antiques), leave it empty.  When we've had this happen, I decorate the rooms people will see first and we'll use the most, and leave the unseen/unused rooms unfurnished until I get around to them.  

    PS - Ashley Furniture is utter garbage.

  • kipnuskipnus member
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    Check listings for second-hand furniture! I also love IKEA stuff and we got some really great deals by buying IKEA furniture (already decently-priced) second-hand (even better!) You could also get some really high quality items at a decent price if you look for second-hand stuff. It's eco-friendly, too!
  • I suggest you It is an online store and has a wide range of home furniture and bathroom vanities.
  • johnriversusajohnriversusa member
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    Also this one you can check their various home improvement materials including doors.

  •  IKEA is a little expensive for me,I also remembered that I bought one of pillows from it,overpriced and not well as it advertised.
    Then I bought a new pillow from LANGRIA ,affordable price.It is a ultra plush memory foam pillow, just wanna have a try at the first. But now I have to admit it provides a restful and supportive nights sleep.Except pillows,it also has other furniture and all of them are not expensive,check it on here:
  • I would suggest Rajrang & AtHome. These are two great stores to buy furniture and decorative home accessories at affordable rates. You can choose from a variety of designs and styles. And, if you are looking for some traditional decorative furniture and accessories, you should go with Rajrang. The decorative furniture like drawer cabinets, drawer cabinets, stools, chairs and small keepsake boxes have a traditional Rajasthani touch.
  • Furniture is very important in order to look your home fully content and classy. There is a large range of new furniture is available on Amazon and . I have also purchased many other home stuffs from there.
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