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Ideas for a better "junk bowl"?

Our current house has very few drawers so a "junk drawer" is out of the question. 

On top of that my husband likes to keep tons of little things (paper napkins he hasn't used but folded to keep until he might use it later, rubber bands he might use, unused doggie bags he took out of the holder and can't put back into it, etc.) - the thing is that I totally understand WHY he keeps these little things and I don't mind it...until they pile up to LARGE piles.  

Anyone have ideas for a container he can keep his junk in (but I don't have to see it)? 

Re: Ideas for a better "junk bowl"?

  • I got a nice looking kind of big box to put stuff in. My husband used to just put this stuff on the counter, it made a mess. I bought a good looking almost wooden box that opens on the top. It looks good and covers up the stuff I don't want sitting on the counter. Try it out, Or even like a cookie jar dedicated just to these things. I made it to where it fit in so it wasn't noticeable and hid things. :)
  • I love this idea!  I'll start looking for one.  Thanks, gals!
  • I agree with the box idea. Make it sort of small so that he has to clean it out often =)
  • image schulz1009:
    I love this idea!  I'll start looking for one.  Thanks, gals!


    Totally agree with you Schulz

  • These small caddies are cool.  We have a 3 tiered one that holds junk drawer items like rubberbands, batteries, tape and wall hooks.  It can easily go in a cabinet or in a closet.  I like it because there are individual compartments inside too.  You can find these at Target and similar stores.

    Snapware snap n stack 

     Room Essentials 3 Layer Organizer - Black (Medium) Quick Information

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