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What are your thoughts on your Roomba????

My husband just bought me the pet series Roomba.  I just got it so its charging now, but what do you all think about it??  Is it worth it?  Does it take over sweeping and vacuuming the house everyday???  ANy comments are appreciated!!1

Re: What are your thoughts on your Roomba????

  • I have been seriously considering one, as well. We have an older Dyson and then a new quick-vac/sweeper/cordless Dyson, so my husband might strangle me if I ask for a Roomba. But I wouldn't mind that little robot sweeping my floors while I did other stuff around the house.

    One of my girlfriends has one (two short haired dogs, wood floors). She turns it on in the morning while she's getting ready for work and says she LOVES it. I'm curious to see what others have to say about it. 

  • We got our Roomba about a year and a half or two years ago. We have a pomeranian and a German shepherd in the house (both full grown) and the shepherd sheds like CRAZY! Before we got the Roomba I was sweeping and vacuuming every single day. Don't get me wrong, I still had to vacuum at least twice a week, but two days out of seven isn't bad. We haven't used our Roomba in the last six months or so. I think our carpet (which is pretty cheap) has gotten pretty wooly, so it doesn't really pick up the hair. It just kinda gathers it up and leaves it on the carpet in big tufts. That, or I really need to get new brushes. Just be sure to get some sort of adhesive foam bumper pads things to stick on the front of the Roomba, especially if you have wooden furniture. Otherwise it will scratch and dent your furniture. 
  • Awesome!!!  I love it so far!  We have a dog and a cat and Ya, I was sweeping like every day and it sucked!!! Lol, now I have that, and its great.  I just turn it on in the morning and it does it all for me.  I too still sweep and vacuum like once a week just to get the corners and anywhere it may have missed.  And thank you for the bumper pad suggestion, I was actually wondering about that, and how it bangs everything..  :) So far so great!!! :)
  • Glad you like it!
  • Thanks!!! Definitely worth it!!!! :)
  • Hi, thank you!!! Definitely this method worth it!!!! :)
  • My boyfriend was thinking about buying one or an off brand, but he is concerned about it hitting the walls and furniture. He just bought a new house and doesn't want the baseboards to get all scuffed up. Has anyone had any problems with it hitting things?
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