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Seasonal Clothing

Does anyone "swap" their clothes each season? I don't have a lot of closet space so I'm trying to use under the bed storage containers so I can swap my seasonal clothing twice a year. This is such a hassle so I'm wondering if it's something normal people do and I'm also wondering if there is an easier way to do it? Also, how does everyone store their off-season clothes?

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Re: Seasonal Clothing

  • I have a combination of too much clothing and a small master closet.  DH and I each have one large (18 gallon I believe) Rubbermaid container in our basement.  We have a lot of basement storage so this isn't an issue.  I always grew up packing away our out of season clothing, but I figured I may have inherited this habit from my mother. 

    I wish I didn't have to pack it away, but it's usually just sweaters, heavy pants, fleece pjs and socks that I wouldn't be wearing in the summer anyway. 

  • We have a big basement closet, so I have my off-season clothes there.  We're lucky that our house has a lot of storage space. There are also those space bags that you can use if you want.  I have some sweatshirts in those, mainly ones that I don't wear much anymore but would not throw away because they have high school, college, and sorority logos.
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  • kipnuskipnus member
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    I keep my sweaters or sundresses folded in a basket on my closet shelf, depending on the season.
  • I never used to...but since being married and moving into a house with limited closet space....I've started.  Especially since our closet hasn't really been redone yet - its one single bar with top shelf and not very efficient.  I put a small bookshelf in there, but it hasn't helped much.

    Hubby and I split the closet bar and our single dresser. Right now, I have spring/summer things in all my drawers and closet. I have sweaters/scarves in a basket on the top shelf in the closet and have already had to cheat and go in there twice. =)

    I agree it is a hassle, but the only way I see around it is to create more storage in the bedroom (better closet system, dual-purpose furniture, etc), or get rid of some items you dont wear.

  • I never used to either but my closet is small.  I now swap out my clothes twice a year.  Luckily I have a lot of storage space in a spare bedroom closet.
  • image kipnus:
    I keep my sweaters or sundresses folded in a basket on my closet shelf, depending on the season.

     Why you keep your sweaters

  • Yes I switch out fall & in the spring, keeping some transition stuff until about late May.  I put it either under the bed in those under bed bags or I use a few drawers from my dresser.  I do donate some stuff if I realize I never wore it that year or maybe the past 2 years.
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