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Buddy reads: Hopeless (sp)

So I wrote this long message yesterday and TN ate it.  I didn't have the chance to write it again until now.

I really enjoyed this book; I gave it 4 stars.  I just couldn't bump it up to 5.  It didn't feel like a high school story to me.  That sort of bugged me throughout the story.  All the characters were way too grown up, had too much freedom, and not enough parent involvement.  I know some people may be like this, but not everyone important in the story.

The characters were well developed.  From the start I was drawn to Holden even though he was not exactly likable.  I really liked how, as the story evolved, Holden's actions and behaviors were explained and made more sense.  I thought Sky was a unique character and different from most YA girls.  

While reading, I guessed that she was abused early on and was pretty sure it was her dad.  I did not guess that Karen was her aunt and that she had also been abused by Sky's dad, her brother.  I hoped to be wrong, but I also guessed that Holden's sister was abused by Sky's dad and that this led to her suicide.  I felt so bad for Holden when he learned this.  He was standing by Sky and trying to help her be strong, but at the same time, this knowledge really changed how he looked at his sister.  He must have wondered how he missed knowing this had happened to her.  Like Sky, I wonder if Holden would blame Sky in some way for his sister's death.  



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