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I need some encourgement

Yesterday was the last day of classes for me (this is the last week) and I was having a hard time with the idea that on Monday there were two exams scheduled....a lab exam and the final. The professor had told us we could take the final anytime before next Friday. Anyway, I thought I would try to come in work late one day next week so I wouldn't have to cram a semester's worth of complicated material and lab in my brain for one day. So, we talked some more. I told her I was also registered to take the accelerated version of the 2nd half of A&P starting at the end of May. She says "bad idea" and I had to agree, and I was considering dropping it.

I got the bright idea to ask her about my grade because I hadn't done well on the last few exams and I was nervous about the one I had just taken. I had done okay on my lab work, but I just wasn't sure. She looked at my grades and told me I would be lucky if I got a 'D' because I had some big grades pulling me down. My heart dropped to the floor. She suggested that I withdraw from the course, because I would be better off with a 'W' than a failing grade.

Naturally, I felt, well, broken. I was upset and cried that I put all this work into it and I basically failed. I feel so stupid. I had made the mistake of taking the "hybrid" version of this course. I really wish I had gone with my instinct and transferred into the traditional section. Now, instead of taking a step forward, I am two big steps back. I feel like I am completely stuck. I also have not heard back yet about the program I applied to, so I called admissions this morning and they said letters would go out the second week of May. I also dropped the new course and withdrew from the current course.

Now I just wait, I guess.

Re: I need some encourgement

  • I send you a hug. I didn't do too well in my first semester of Biology/lab and I withdrew from the second semester because I couldn't handle it. Some people just learn differently and perform better in different areas. I excel at reading comprehension and SUCK at anything science. 

    You will do wonderfully. Follow your gut; it is usually right. 

  • I see a ton of students who are awesome not do well in accelerated classes, like Mailyn said students learn different. Hang in there, you are working hard for your goal eventually the reward will be there! 
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
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