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Anyone dual military (im Navy)?

I feel like I'm in such a rut right now! I am stationed in Japan and my husband is now stationed in Jacksonville Florida. We would like to be stationed near one another (preferably I get orders to Mayport, Fl or Kingsbay, Ga.). So we put in spousal colocation requests. But theres the issue of me being a first termer (even though I am up for orders and Im due to leave in the next two months to my next command). He is already a second termer. I'm not up for shore duty although I can go since I wouldnt go to NAS Jax. Is there anyone who is dual mil and has experienced colocation? Or know someone who has and has any kind of helpful information? It would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Anyone dual military (im Navy)?

  • I got this. I am dual military and speak Navy.

    Just remember that co-location =/= the balancing of sea shore rotation. I'm sure you realize that you can volunteer to continue on Sea Duty or your Sailor can do the same. Which would then balance your rotations so you are on the same one. 

    What are your rates? Are you aviation? surface? That is another aspect that you will need to take into consideration. If your rates do not compliment you will continue to run into issues.

    You may end up at Mayport with your Spouse at JAX, live in the middle. Each of you have a crappy commute, but at the end of the day you are together. 

     You may want to consider looking at Hampton Roads, VA. Within a 25 mile radius we literally have every rate you could imagine from SO to CS. If it flies, dives or makes other people die its in Norfolk, Virginia Beach or Portsmouth.


  • I'm Air Force, about to marry a Sailor.  Really worried our joint spouse assignment application won't go through in time and I'll end up somewhere very landlocked and alone for another two to three years.  I know my branch is different, but are there suggestions to better our chances of it coming together?  I'm not scheduled to leave my current location for over a year so we also won't be living together in that time frame either.  Preparing for a very trying year ahead.  Words of wisdom?
  • We were dual Army when we got married. Becuase of time in service, time on station, getting fenced for deployments, each of deploying separately and then the whole first term thin, we were married for 22 months before I could finally PCS to him. When the time came, we decided oen of us would get out, because we hated being forced to be apart, so he got out and I'm still in. We've been married 5 1/2 years, and still have only actually been together for about half of it, with more training and another deployment for me.

    @JlynG - sorry, but you're kinda screwed. There's no interservice married couples program, so it will be straight up luck if either of you ever gets stationed together. Especially since AF and Navy don't have a whole lot of postings by each other, like Navy and Marines or Army and AF.

  • My husband and I right now are being spouse co-lo.  We had no problem with being 1st timers!  We are the rank and rate, and no issues.  Granted there was things helping us out like pregnancy and the rules that follow after that, and we had everything in place just incase they decided to split us up.  It does depend no the detailer.  we both have re-enlisted since our first set of co-lo and we are now good to go.  Talk to your NC's and talk to your detailer, both of you must have communication with the detailers and the commands have to be on the same page.  That is what I have experienced in my situation.
  • My husband and I are both Navy and it will be 17 months after being married before we are stationed together.  Hopefully after this move we should remain together (deployments excluded), but it really just depends on how you and your spouse work without each other and if you are able to have a meaningful life with him and the military.  The best to you and your spouse.
  • I am currently processing for the air force and my fiance is in the navy his new duty station is pearl harbor, I know I would go in as his dependent. I was just thinking because there is also an air force base in hawaii and when we do apply for the joint spouse co location thing, will it be anymore likely that I get stationed in hawaii? I will already be living out there while in dep. we will already be separated for the time I am in bmt and tech school and then he is depliying next march. I'm just looking for someone to give me their story or opinion on the best thing to do here or how they handled their situation.
  • What are the rules regarding pregnancy? My boyfriend is about three months away from reporting to his final duty station and I'm currently waiting for my orders to come through. I've been in a year and he's almost at two. We plan on getting married soon.
  • yaelsedig said:

    What are the rules regarding pregnancy? My boyfriend is about three months away from reporting to his final duty station and I'm currently waiting for my orders to come through. I've been in a year and he's almost at two. We plan on getting married soon.

    I'm not really sure what you're asking...
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