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The Honest Company Reviews

Anyone out there use the Honest Co. cleaning products before? They were offering a free trail pack of some of their "essential" items where you just pay for shipping.  I am excited to give them a try because I have seen generally positive reviews about their products (diapers and wipes especially--but I don't have kids!).  The free trial comes with sample sizes of laundry detergent, shampoo/body wash, face & body lotion, hand soap and healing balm.  I am really excited to try the Laundry detergent because I do about 5 loads of laundry a week, and my husband and I both have very sensitive skin.  I am also excited to try the hand soap because I work in a daycare, so my hands are SUPER dry from the constant hand washing! I cannot find a hand soap that doesn't dry my skin out. 

If you are thinking about doing the free trial for yourself, here is a link to create an account and sign up for the free trials! Once I try the products,  I will come back and update this post! ;

Re: The Honest Company Reviews

  • Things I like:
    Dishwasher pods
    Lip balm
    Face and body lotion
    Hand sanitizer
    Toilet bowl cleaner
    Prenatal vitamins

    Things I don't like:
    Hair and body wash (not a fan of the scent)
    Conditioner (not very hydrating)
    Hand soap (not a fan of the scent)
    Dryer sheets (not sturdy)
    Dishwasher soap (the pods work much better)

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