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I have a problem

I've discovered zenni optical and coastal eyewear online and they sell glasses for cheap!  I've ordered 4 pairs and I've only spent $125 for all of them.  this could be dangerous.  Since I can't wear contacts I'm always stuck in my glasses and I like to change them up.  I usually wind up paying upwards of $300 for a single pair, so I'm like a kid in a candy store. 
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Re: I have a problem

  • Online shopping = evil, evil, evil for our savings!

    Especially now that so many sites are jumping on the zappos bandwagon and offering free shipping, both ways, all the time.  Going to the mall to spend money actually takes effort, but now when I can essentially "try on" stuff I can order my own house....

    I'd be too chicken to order glasses though, since I have a really narrow face. Options are usually really limited since most places only have a few pairs of frames that are narrow enough.  My current pair of glasses are actually (older) kid's frames, which is also weird since usually kid's frames are a bit too narrow.  I guess I'm like the Goldilocks of eyewear! 

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  • I would be REALLY careful about ordering from Zenni.  I ordered a pair of glasses, a pair of sun glasses and a pair of safety glasses (was working in construction at the time).

    ALL THREE PAIRS were different.  I used the same prescription for all of them, so I have no idea how that happened.  I got used to the regular glasses, but could never wear the sunglasses or the safety glasses.  The safety glasses were so bad they made me SUPER dizzy to wear them.  Not safe at all on a construction site.

    I hope yours turn out better than mine did, but I would hold off on ordering anything else from them until you get the order you've already placed so you can see if you like their quality or not.

  • I only got one pair from zenni and they are fine. I had a promo code for a free pair with coastal and they were so good I went back and ordered 2 pair of sunglasses. 
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