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  • If it's a solid white shirt, you can soak it with oxy powder quite happily for several hours (use cold if you normally wash cold). Or you can mix oxy into a paste and rub it in to the stain, it can work that way too.

    Otherwise, I have luck with our shout laundry spray (make sure you have a dark towel or something behind the top layer of the shirt or the stain will soak through to the back).

  • Don't put the shirt in the dryer until you are absolutely certian the stain is out otherwise it will set in.

    Also, if it's solid white you could also probably dab it with bleach. But be very careful not to get on anything else and wash your hands a lot after use to not transfer the bleach elsewhere.

  • Spray it with Oxiclean. It really is amazing!
    Me: 42, DH: 43. We are so grateful to have a 2yr old daughter, conceived naturally after 3 miscarriages & no treatments (our Dr. gave us 1 more month to try on our own before advacing to IVF, & we conceived her naturally in January 2010)! Trying since April 2011 without sucess....MD said we were both "fine" & that if it wasn't happening, it was a chromosomal issue. Finally started Follistim 225mcg injections with an Ovidrel trigger November 2012. Bleeding 11 days post Ovidrel on November 25th. Starting the whole lab/Ultrasound/Follistim cycle again on November 27th...
  • I use Shout with great success all the time. You can use an oxiclean paste too; just mix up some of the powder with a little water, and let it sit on there. 

    I agree about not drying it until it is out, because the dryer can set the stain (although, Shout is amazing and has in the past gotten some stains out that I didn't realize weren't out the first time and I did put the item in the dryer).  But, be very careful with the bleach. I read something a few years ago that most clothing is some sort of blend of not all natural fibers and will yellow with the use of bleach, even if the material is all white.  



  • Dawn dishwashing soap. I have used it on grease splatter stains, (even on clothes that have accidentally been thrown in the dryer). It got out stains that other pretreaters haven't gotten out.

    Good luck.

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