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Nesties that do C25K come in...

Hey girls,

I've posted on and off this board before (whenever I seem to go on my health kicks, lol). I have PCOS and have recently gone off the pill because DH and I are now TTC. My doctor suggested that I drop some weight to relieve my PCOS symptoms (apparently, if you are overweight, the symptoms can be worse). He suggested around 20-25 lbs.

I have currently started the C25K program. I have never really been a runner, but I actually really like it. This Monday will be W3D1 for me.I'm definitely noticing that my arms and legs are more toned and that my stomach is flatter. I've lost a lb or two, but nothing really substantial.

My question is, from your experience, does C25K really only help you lose inches and not weight? Did you supplement with anything to help you lose weight?


Dave and Kathleen - 09.12.09:


Re: Nesties that do C25K come in...

  • I did C25K two summers ago and definitely lost inches.  I actually measured myseld prior to starting and afterwards.  On days I was not running, I cross trained with a The 30 Day Shred DVD.  Stick with it....I am a few weeks away from completing my first half marathon!
  • image Boston2Bermuda:
    I did C25K two summers ago and definitely lost inches.  I actually measured myseld prior to starting and afterwards.  On days I was not running, I cross trained with a The 30 Day Shred DVD.  Stick with it....I am a few weeks away from completing my first half marathon!

    I am really involved in THON (PSU Dance MaraTHON, raises money for research for pediatric cancer) and they have a 5k every Fall that I want to run in. My goal is to be able to do a 10k in 2 years and one day a half-marathon.

    I know my doctor said he wants me to lose weight but I'm hoping that me gaining muscle instead of having fat will make the same type of difference in my PCOS symptoms. 

    Dave and Kathleen - 09.12.09:


  • Those goals are absolutely attainable!  I really loved the structure of the C25K program and I use a similar training method (gradual increase of mileage interspersed with walking) for my half marathon training.  If you do decide to continue with running, I highly recommend checking out Jeff Galloway's training book.  He uses a run walk methodology that I think is fantastic!
  • I'm using C25K and notice I lose weight in spurts. I'll go a week without any loss then, just when I start getting discouraged, I'll drop a pound. I've been really good about diet as well. I do lose more inches than pounds. Good luck!
  • I've never done the C25K program, but I've trained and run a few half marathons. :) For me, I was more toned and lost inches first, then weight. I took a break from running and started training more intensely- I'll actually gained weight, but lost inches (muscle weighs more than fat). 

    As for running a 10K and half- you can definitely get there! And in less time than you think! I went from non-runner to half marathon finisher in 6 months. You have the will, which is half the battle. :) 

  • I've never been much of a runner either (more of a sprinter/hurdler!) so distance sucks for me.... I decided to give a c25k a try to give me more motivation out on my runs...and I just did W3D1 yesterday!

     I'd like to pass along some knowledge about weight and body composition that I think might help you.  When your doc told you to lose weight, I'm guessing he meant 20-25lbs of fat.  What makes someone unhealthy is the poor balance of composition of their body, not necessarily their weight number. Think of it this way - an olympic athlete who weighs 180 lbs is going to be a lot healthier than an overweight office worker who weighs 180 lbs.  So the number actually has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  I've been a gymnast for the past 18+ years and have been the same weight since highschool....throughout that time i've definitely changed shape (gained/lost inches and muscle definition), but kept the same number on the scale.  does that mean i'm as healthy today as i was when i was working out 5x a week? doubtful.  

    That being said - you're DEFINITELY seeing good results from your workouts and making POSITIVE changes - even if the scale doesn't say so.  The inches you're losing and the toning you're noticing is simply your body burning more fat, and building up the muscle fibers in your body.  At some point when your body is built better for running, you may see more of a drop in weight.

    Muscle is healthier to carry around than fat, and typically helps your body work more efficiently.  So, from a childbearing standpoint -- you're making your body stronger and better as a nutrient source for your potential child.  THIS is the change your doc probably wants to see.

    I'm happy you're enjoying your workouts.  Remember to give your body 'good' fuel to work with - lots of balanced meals with FRESH ingredients (eat less processed and pre-packaged food).  Keep yourself hydrated too. =)


    Sounds like you're on the right path - keep it up!

  • I am doing C25k, but I do it daily. I know people do not recommend that but it's what I do.  I can not just do 3 days and take off 4.   For me it's great and I've lost 7lbs so far.  I'm for 10lbs to be at my healthy weight and 10lbs more to be at my toned weight.  

    You can do 3 days C25k, 2 days strength training, and 1 day something else...and a day off.  However you choose to work it, I suggest working out instead of taking the remaining 4 days off.   

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