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HgA1C levels

I just found out mine is at 5.7, which is considered pre-diabetic. I am a bit freaked out.  My doctor said to start exercising more and cut back on carbs and sugars. She didn't seem overly concerned. I did just have a baby in December and didn't have any issues with the gestational diabetes test.  

 Has anyone dealt with this before and successfully lowered theirs?   

Re: HgA1C levels

  • Exercise is always a good thing to have in a routine.  Exercise helps the cells use glucose and pushes glucose into the cells to make it available for future use which would then lower A1C levels.  Remember, A1C levels are a view of your BG levels over a 3 month time period so it will take some time to notice a difference. 
    Where there is love, there is life.-Ghandi
  • Extra cardio would be helpful but honing in on diet is the best way to control blood sugars. Avoid pasta and any simple carbs like white bread, potatoes and the like. I'm a type 1 diabetic and I've seen my hemoglobin A1C go down in the last year due to the exercise and supplement program I am using. If you'd like to learn more about the program I've been using please feel free to look me up on facebook (Linsy Wohl) or get me your email address. I went from a 6.8 down to a 6.0 (a 6.0 is perfect by diabetic standards) in 9 months.

    Please don't avoid addressing it, diabetes can be a really rough chronic illness with a slew of complications in health that can come up as a result. Take care of yourself!

  • Check out Shakeology. There are tons of stories of how this has helped people, specifically related to diabetes. 

    Personally, I drink it to stay health in relation to my immune system and not getting sick! So far, so good!

    here's a link to order it from, if you'd like to try it. I highly recommend the Strawberry, unless you are a chocolate lover!

    Let me know if you have any questions! 

  • I lowered mine from 6.5 (diabetic level) to around 4-4.5 with diet and exercise. I cut out white bread and only ate 3 servings of whole wheat grain a day, and maybe one of potato. Cutting out sweets wasn't an issue as I'm not a fan of them anyway. And I started drinking iced tea (unsweet), though now they have the crystal light packets of the raspberry tea that are simply amazing if you like tea. No alcohol, except on rare, special occasions. Load up on fruits and veggies. And give yourself a treat every now and then. :)

     Also, don't take any OTC products without first talking to your doctor. Just in case you take any medicine, don't want a reaction. :)

     Good luck!

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