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The Phantom Smell

Hello all,

 So the apartment my DH and I live in is a one bedroom with an open floorplan, so the dining room, kitchen, and living room are all open to each other. Problem is, in the mornings when I get out of my bedroom the living area smells awful. It's not a powerful smell, but it is enough that I notice it. 

 My apartment is always IMMACULATE as we have no kids/pets (except fish). We keep no trash as it is always taken away every day. I have tried in vain to find the source of the smell, and I usually resort to opening my windows and turning on a fan as well as burn incense and use febreeze. That helps but come the next morning there it is again. The smell is sort of like old trash, which drives me crazy as the trash is taken out EVERY DAY! Could it be my pipes? Something under my floorboards? I am at a loss.

Re: The Phantom Smell

  • It could be your kitchen sink drain. Especially if you have a garbage disposal. Mine gets pretty gross!
  • Try some lemon in the disposal with hot water.

    Is it possible you could have a dead rodent somewhere? Did the smell begin within the past 2 weeks?

    Is there an apartment beneath you or next to you that is sharing a vent? Maybe the smell is f

  • MommyLiberty I hope its not a rodent! It doesn't smell like something rotting, I've smelled rotten flesh before (a friend of mine had a raccoon up and die in her roof a while ago). Thanks for all the suggestions. I will try the lemon in the sink, I do hav
  • Does your fish tank/bowl have an odor? Fish bowls and tanks can stink to high heaven!! We got rid of our tank for that reason. Just couldn't keep the odor away. It kinda smells like old trash too. Just a thought...
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  • do you have carpet?  it's possible something spilled and is making things extra gross =)


    aside from that, the only thing i can think of is that it's a venting issue - perhaps call the building and ask where they keep the trash,

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