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How do you conserve?

What do you do to conserve water resources, what is your share in contributing to the present water resources? What would you suggest the others. Please share your views here.
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Re: How do you conserve?

  • I don't do much of anything at the moment but I would love to get one of those barrels that collects rain so we could just use that to water the garden.

    I guess the one thing I do is try to soap all of the dishes and then turn on the water and

  • When it comes to conserving water, lots of people don't think about the water that goes into manufacturing products. For example, it takes around 1800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for a pair of jeans. It also takes 1.85 gallons to manufacture

  • Thanks for replying to my post. Kipnus, that is a very good move, avoiding plastics can serve the purpose immensely and in saving the ecological balance of the earth.
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  • I do have a makeshift rain barrel(just a regular plastic trash can) that I use to water my garden and potted plants.  It has worked out well for me. 

    I need to be more careful about my showers and running water when I do the dishes.  I'm one of those people that basically wash all of the dishes by hand and THEN run them in the dishwasher which I know is a complete waste.
  • I think with the small adjustment in daily life routine we can have protrude big impact on water conservation. I think with the Installation of a rain sensor irrigation controller can let the system won’t run when it’s raining. We can also use Home Water Audit Calculator to check where we can save water.

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