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My Dad: Retirement Woes

Backstory. He is now 69. And for the past few years he has told my sister, Mom and me that he will retire at 70 so he can receive full SS benefits. He has worked for the same architectural firm for the past 40-50 years (don't know exact dates) and is now a vice president.

Well he will be 70 in February 2014.

His retirement is very, very sound. My mom, 8 years younger, will still be working (RN) for a few more years to carry some health insurance for them, but she too has a comfortable salary, retirement, and pension.

Now, he is backing away from retiring. He sent us this newspaper clipping PDF of the American Airlines flight attendant who just retired at 75. Now he wants to retire at 75.

I cannot blame him. I know there is great security for him and he has done this for so long now that it is ingrained in him. I know he wonders, "What will happen to me once I lose this meaningful part of my life?"

He isn't a lazy guy, so he will volunteer (I know this for a fact) and he will be involved in his daughters' and grand kids' lives.

But, my question is....has anybody else faced this with a parent or family member who refuses to retire? How did you help them ease into the transition?

It's his choice. He is of sound mind. But, we as his family are torn because we want to have him/them be near us (he and my mom live two states away) and they are missing grand kid time.

How do you help someone see that he can and should enjoy his golden years and the fruits of his labor before they dry up?

Re: My Dad: Retirement Woes

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