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stinky fridge-HELP!

We are moving into a new rental this weekend. We went there this weekend and i opened the fridge they had "cleaned" and it was awfully stinky. I dont know how to describe the smell, "cold fridge" is I guess how I describe it.

It doesn't smell fresh.

It's a french door, freezer on the bottom jen-air. I think the people before just wiped it down, so I took out ever compartment, soaked it in warm water and soap and wiped it down. Then went back to all the compartments and washed them down with an all purpose natural cleaner. 

I cleaned all the shelves that are permanent with this cleaner. Then took some vinegar to clean the "water" dispenser (which had gross pink lines from bacteria around it). I opened the freezer and took out hte metal bins which seemed to have some rust and soaked them with vinegar and most of the rust disappeared. In the back of the freezer seemed to be some more tell tale pink and rust, so I sprayed it down and let it rest for 5-10 minutes then wiped it off.

I closed it all up and left it, an hour later we went to leave, I checked the fridge and it STILL SMELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I get rid of this smell? It is driving me crazy.

I wiped down every area. Is it coming from someplace else- the filters or some place I am not getting to when cleaning?

There was also some mold on the pull outs on the freezer, and i cleaned that up as well!

I feel like the former tenants totally ruined this brand new really gorgeous fridge. I have no idea if they EVER cleaned it before. 


My mom mentioned putting newpaper inside with a glass of water and she read that might absorb the smell--or to wash it all down with lemon.

We also picked up arm and hammer to place inside.


Re: stinky fridge-HELP!

  • I'm very sorry to hear you have this problem. My friend recently had a house fire and is currently dealing with the restoration.  The construction foreman told her that fridges left in storage with the doors closed will take on an odor that can't

  • thanks I am going to try that solution.

    I should hav ementioned the fridge has remained plugged in an "on" just empty of food.

    If we can't get rid of the smell I think I need to say something- its totally gross and I don't want my foods abs

  • I've heard that charcoal is a good odor absorber. You can find it at pet stores in the fish department. I hope you get your problem resolved.
  • I would try maybe leaving an open box of baking soda in the fridge for a bit to see if it absorbs the smell. We keep one in our fridge and microwave to them both smelling fresh.
  • First clean again with warm water with vinegar (white one is better). Pour baking soda on plate and put on top and bottom shelf. Baking soda is good solution just do not leave it there for more than  2 days (otherwise will smell worst than now) and r
  • baking soda on a plate.  drop in about 4-5 drops of vanilla extract too.
  • Great idea with drop vanilla extract. Thanks from my side. 
  • I'm going to try the baking soda on the plate tonight w the Vanilla extract- thanks!

    My mom washed it out again with ammonia and water and that seemed to help- it almost seems like the smell is coming from the side panels on the door...because wh

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