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Cleaning Schedule

What is your cleaning schedule? I'm wanting to become more organized in my cleaning - I lack in the dusting/detail cleaning. What do you do daily/weekly/monthly/yearly?


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Re: Cleaning Schedule

  • I wish I had a cleaning schedule... Embarrassed
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  • H and I try to make the bed and clean up the kitchen every day (washing/putting away dishes, wiping counter tops, sweeping). On the weekend we clean bathrooms, vacuum, dust, and wash the kitchen floor.
  • I'm a SAHM with a very busy and into everything toddler and a DH who works irregular hours so my schedule is probably different from most people.

    Mon: clean both bathrooms top to bottoms including floors

    Tues: nothing, family day

    Wed: Grocery shop, change sheets and webster cobwebs,  plus any little random cleaning projects

    Thurs: Dust, sweep, vacuum and mop

    Fri: Clean entire kitchen, including stainless steel appliances

    Sat: nothing

    Sun: Any cleaning that got skipped during the week

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  • Sunday- Laundry and full clean- Sweep/dry/wet swiffer the floors, dust all the furniture, wipe down bathroom & kitchen, dust- wipe down kitchen, declutter any clutter throw out any garbage- go through fridge and throw out anything expired. Grocery shopping & make dinner menus for the week. Windex mirrors & windows. Wipe any dusty baseboards or baseboard heater/air conditioner. Clean out purse. Wash bedding and wipe down headboard. Wipe down bathroom scale.

     Every day: Dishes, leave the kitchen clean, declutter any clutter, make the bed, wipe down anything that needs it ie; bathroom sink if toothpaste gets in it, oven gets crumbs or counter, wipe down dining room table if crumbs, sweep if dirt, etc.

    1st of every month: Go through pantry- make sure it's straight and organized and anything expired is thrown out. Take everything out of the fridge and clean it out thoroughly with vinegar. Clean microwave thoroughly, and move it out and clean under it (toaster too), Put anything away that's on the kitchen counter that could be put away or in a better home. Wipe outside of the fridge and outside of cabinets. Wipe out cutlery drawer of crumbs, etc. Recycle outdated magazines. Clean dishrack throroughly. Organize linen closet/front hall closet if it needs it. Clean top of fridge.


    1st Sunday in the month- When I sweep/swiffer I move the furniture right out, couches, tables etc and do a thorough job under those places. Clean out in couch cushions. Clean out under desk thoroughly. Dust ceiling fan. Re-organize bookshelf if it needs it. Clean under bed (swiffer). Sweep balcony and wash patio furniture if it needs it (Usually only do this on the first warm month of the year.) Organize linen closet/front hall closet if it needs it. Clean and organize medicine cabinet and under kitchen + bathroom sinks. I also scrub the kitchen & bathroom floors by hand in addition to my regular swiffering.

    First day of spring/summer/fall/winter- Go through closet. Organize dresser drawers and closet. Organize clothes to donate and wipe out dresser drawers. The day after I clean out kitchen cupboards with vinegar and put everything back neat and tidy and organized.


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  • Well mine could be better, but right now:

    Daily- Dishes/ Kitchen

    Weekly- laundry, vacuum, water plants, bathrooms

    Dusting- monthly, I am bad at this too.

    Yearly or a little more often- vacuum cars, wash windows etc. 

  • I don't do dusting and detail cleaning except when I think it needs it.  I should do more but I do clean/ tidy everyday so the house looks clean when I get up in the morning and usually vacuum, sweep, and mop weekly and then decide if other stuff needs to be done then.  I feel like I keep up on it pretty well.
  • Monday: vacuum, vacuum furniture, clean the kitchen

    Tuesday: laundry, clean kitchen

    Wednesday: dust, bathrooms, clean kitchen

    Thursday: clean kitchen

    Friday: vacuum, laundry, clean kitchen

    Saturday: nothing

    Sunday: anything that got missed, needs it.


    Monthly: closet checks.

    Yearly/twice a year: we go through and donate what we have but don't/won't use.

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  • Hi everyone,

    I follow a simple daily cleaning schedule so that the house looks fresh and tidy. This helps me to avoid detail cleaning on weekends, so I get quality time to spare with family on weekends. I generally make my bed in the morning, vacuuming, wipe tables and spot-clean cabinets where you see fingerprints, clean and wipe down the sink, countertops and stove in the kitchen, and weekly mopping. I keep things organized.

  • I know it is boring to clean house everyday. But it is important for a hygienic life. So clean you house everyday if possible. Try to make your time table for doing things and it will definitely help you a lot.

  • I have been trying to get a schedule down myself too. It is very hard to do! UGH!

    Daily - wash dishes and just straightening up the house clutter like mail and papers

    1 -2 x's a week - run the sweeper. (We have a dog that sheds like crazy)
    1-2 x's a week - use the swifter

    clean sink and toilet in bathroom 2-3 times a week, bathtub - clean about once every 2 weeks.

    dust - usually once a month or whenever (I know its horrible)

    laundry - I was doing 1-2 loads in the middle of the week, until I had a crazy busy week and had to do it all on the weekend AND it actually turned out better for us to do it that way. I actually am doing less loads and saving on water and laundry detergent. And also have freed up some time during the week to do something else.

    Mopping - usually once a month

    The big stuff like a total clean down of the house; like washing down the walls, scrubbing the hardwood floors, moving furniture and rugs to clean under them about twice a year, if not a little more.
  • My fiance and I have incredibly crazy work schedules; we go days without seeing each other. We challenged ourselves this month to "no fast food" month which means our kitchen is being used on a daily basis. We also have two large dogs so our house gets dirty and dusty pretty fast.. but having a routine helps out a lot.

    Sundays: Laundry, wipe down appliances, clean the bathroom, and dust, sweep, mop, vacuum, etc. This is the day I focus on most of my cleaning.

    Monday - Saturday: Dishes, laundry- immediate needs, pick up dog toys every night, etc. This keeps the house looking up-kept and keeps my sanity, especially knowing I have time set aside on Sundays to clean to the full extent. 

    On the 1st Sunday of every month, I do a deeper clean, including wiping down windows and window panels, cleaning couch cushions, replacing air fresheners, and anything else to keep things fresh for the month
  • I just got married in May. I wrote up a cleaning schedule that seems to work well fro E and I. We have come to the conclusion that if things are cleaned every week, there should be no need for "deep" cleaning before family comes and what not. Keep in mind that every cleaning schedule should be created to fit your life style and personal schedule. This is what ours looks like:

    Monday- Vacuum/ Mop Day
         *All carpets, including rugs, get vaccumed. Kitchen and Bathroom get moped once a month.
    Tuesday- Dust/ Windows
         *I have allergies so this day is important in order to keep the dust at bay. Just a quick wipe        down is sufficiant enough. window sills, table tops, bookshelves, TV and stand, and the            blinds get it once a month. Also clean the windows with some windex or whatever.
    Wednesday- Bathroom Day
         *Everything in the bathroom gets cleaned (shower, sink, mirror), garbage goes out and things      are filled (soap dispenser, backup TP). You can also use this time to check your shampoo        and such to see if it needs to go on the grocery/ shopping list. :)
    Thursday- Kitchen Day
         *Everything in the kitchen gets cleaned (microwave, sink, stove, dining room table). Also          don't forget to empty trash and recycling. The dishes, at my house, get done daily. Our rule        is after every meal the dishes get done. Just keeps things from piling up. :) Also the fridge        gets cleaned out once a month.
    Friday- Office Space
         *I say office space because that could mean designated desk area or a room labled the            office. Empty trash, sort through important mail, organize the area so it looks fresh and put        together. I can't stand a cluttered office area. 
    Saturday- Laundry Day

  • Thanks everyone, these are really helpful!  It's so easy to get into the habit of 'I will do that on the weekend' and then end up losing most of the weekend cleaning - or hardly getting anything done - so I really like the idea of daily schedules.
  • My husband and I (I love being able to say that) just recently made a cleaning schedule/ list because I was doing most of it and it wasn't consistent.  I went through and made a list of when things needed to get done and then we each picked the things we wanted to do.  (i.e. I clean the cat box and he takes care of the fish tank, I vacuum and he cleans the bathroom).  Some things we do together like making dinner or laundry.  I highlighted them in different colors and put it right on the fridge, so we see it all the time.  Here is what I have in terms of how often things get done:  

    Daily - dishes, cat box, pick up clutter, make the bed, feed animals, make dinner, pick up mail
    Every Other Day - take out the trash, unload dishwasher, laundry 
    Weekly - vacuum, clean bathroom, take in recycling, clean fish tank, grocery shopping
    Monthly - clean shower, mop floors, dust, clean sheets (I know that might seem gross, but we both usually shower at night, so I swear they just aren't that dirty… I'm working on that one. haha).

    I definitely believe in doing little things everyday, so that it doesn't become overwhelming, but you can't spend your whole life cleaning either.  My biggest thing is cleaning the dishes and wiping down the counters before going to bed because I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen.  I also just take a few minutes each evening to put things away (fold blankets, put away shoes, etc), so that it is moderately organized when I get up the next morning.  

    Oh, and mail was a problem for us, so we got two baskets and put them on an entryway table.  I pick up the mail and then it goes directly into one of the baskets (his or mine).  We can look at it when we need or want to, but in the mean time it doesn't look too cluttery.  Hope that helps!  
  • Every freaking day and in any order I feel like since I do 99% of the cleaning and by hubby does laundry sometimes on the weekends. I have 3 dogs, I can't let a day go by without cleaning and boy do they make me work.
  • I don't have a schedule. We do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. I do steam clean the carpets twice a year ( spring & fall )



  • I don't have a schedule but I try to do something every day. My laundry usually stays backed up and the dishes are usually a shared battle for my husband and me. We have played rock-paper-scissors to see who had the displeasure of doing them. 

    We do keep everything dusted, cleaned and picked up. I can't stand clutter on the floors. I also make my bed every day (I try for every morning) because they say the happiest people make their beds every morning. 
  • I really need to make a cleaning schedule. Daily I do wash dishes because we don't have a dishwasher and dishes tend to stack up quickly especially when I cook a big meal.
  • PrincessVeganPrincessVegan member
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    The best thing about my schedule is that it's based on a 4 week cycle so I can plan to do light housework when I'm on my period. 

  • I try to clean the kitchen every day. Namely the counters and make sure all the dishes are washed and put away at night. Every weekend we change the sheets, do laundry and I wipe down the bathroom counters. Every other weekend my husband and I clean up the house -- dusting, vacuuming, tub cleaning.
    It doesn't take long but it keeps the house clean.
  • I do the majority of the cleaning in our household at the moment, but this week I have a little break because SO is on a stay-cation from work. My typical schedule is as follows: Sunday: one or two loads of laundry Monday: Dusting, cleaning the counter tops, clean the windows, etc. I have this weird thing about making sure I do all of this first before vacuuming/mopping because I want to vacuum up any dust that I brush off the shelves and furniture. Tuesday: vacuum and mop Wednesday: usually time to do another load of laundry by now Thursday-Saturday: We don't do anything major these days unless something gets messy. Sometimes we have to vacuum again since we have a long hair cat. Everyday we load/unload the dishwasher as needed, wipe down the counters, etc. Every other week we clean the toilet, shower and I strip the bed to wash everything.
  • I browsed through all the opinions and I definitely found some good ideas which I would like to implement in my cleaning schedule too. Me and my girlfriend separated recently after a 3 years relationship and currently all cleaning and maintenance tasks are my responsibility. During the week I do only the basic stuff- a little dusting, washing the dishes, vacuuming from time to time and of course some laundering. I know it is not much but I work on 2 jobs like 16-17h a day, so it's not that easy. During the weekends I have more free time and I do more serious jobs like cleaning the windows, tiles and so on.  
  • Daily - dishes and picking up anything left around in the living room/kitchen/table.

    Weekly - laundry, vacuuming.

    Monthly - sheets, deep cleaning bathroom, going through things to eliminate things we do not need.

    Yearly -  not sure as I try and keep things pretty tidy and clean regularly. 
  • anyone have a good idea on how to tackle a garage? At this point I feel like taking vacation time just to clean it out!
  • I found this really neat Spring Cleaning Checklist! You can even download a free PDF.
  • aec79 said:

    I found this really neat Spring Cleaning Checklist! You can even download a free PDF.

    Your first and only post.  Lemme guess.  This is your blog and you're trying to get hits to it to earn money?

    PS - This post is over TWO years old!  Please start a new thread if you want to talk about a topic without linking to your blog.
  • specialtyairinc more or less my story about cleaning. Easier than was done by daily/weekly schedule.
  • Following this post, I NEED a schedule. We're about to move into a house double the size and I can't keep up with this one. Thanks for the tips!

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  • Just wanted to add into the fray... there's a great site that I direct a lot of my customers to for additional cleaning tips.

    The folks over at have an endless supply of cleaning tips, cleaning schedules, print-outs, recommendations, etc.  Definitely peruse and bookmark this site! Can't recommend it enough.
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