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Stand Up Shower

If you have one what's the best way to keep it clean? I am not a fan or cleaning them or tubs with glass doors. I need help!

Re: Stand Up Shower

  • Using a daily spray that you can spray the shower with after showering (no wiping down afterwards required) will help keep the shower cleaner longer. Scrubbing bubbles even has one that you can hang up from the shower head & after exiting the shower you press the button & it sprays down the shower for you. If you want a chemical free way of doing it, get yourself a shower squeege and wipe the shower stall down after each use. I like Method Shower Clean for regular cleaning, works very well.

     For shower curtain liners, just throw in washing machine on hot w/bleach & they get nice & clean. When they don't get clean anymore, buy a new one.

  • I second a shower squeegie. They sell at Target for about $7. If you end up with soap scum and hard water spots, you can use Scrubbing Bubbles foam or CLR spray cleaner for baths and kitchens.

  • i hate washing tile.  a scrubbing bubbles foamy spray and a cleaning towel 1x per week is good for us!  there's only 2 of us and no kids/pets....sooooooo it doesn't get too dirty all that fast.

    if you're working with glass -- squeegee every other day after your shower.


    i'd suggest NOT doing the auto-spray thingie.  it hangs below your showerhead, and only gets so many spots.... my mom used it and noticed 4-5 spots that it would consistently miss.

  • I suggest using this scotch wand. Fill it with water and a little Dawn dish washing soap. Works like a charm for me! No more harsh chemicals :)

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  • Excellent scotch wand. Thanks a lot. I have this problem too with glass.
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