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Anyone have this washer?

DH is very interested in getting a Frigidaire front-load washer/dryer set.  Once we buy the warranties and pedestals plus tax would be around $2200!  When truly all we need is a new dryer.  Our current Amana washer does just fine.  So I know front-load washers are all the rage and can save on energy/water bills, but there are so many complaints that I'm just personally leary of them.  So anyway, we're also interested in the Samsung dryer.  All reviews I've read have been great.  The link below is from Best Buy.  I'm curious if anyone has this and if you have any major complaints or likes for that matter.  Thanks so much! Hope everyone's having a great Wednesday!

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Re: Anyone have this washer?

  • My husband works for HHGregg and would tell you steer clear of Frigidaire and GE, based on the number of returns and warranty calls they get. LG and Samsung are recommended and Electrolux are excellent, if you want to spend the money. 

    Pedastals are a huge expenses for a metal box. Do you really need them? Can you build your own pedastal? Keep in mind that pedastals often make the set sit so high you can't utilize the tops for folding. Warranties are also big bucks...we aren't warranty people, but that's a personal risk decision. Just read carefully ahead of time so you know what you're paying for. 

    Have you checked around for any open box deals? You can get displays for a steal usually, just ask if they ever left the store (customer return). If something turns out to be wrong with it they'll replace with a new one at no charge.   

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  • I wanted to echo PP on not needing the pedestals. They are totally for appearance. You will lose out on folding space and they are not needed for the machines to function properly.

    To be honest, if I had to buy a new set over again, I'd go with the top loader washer. Front loaders have issues with funky smells, so you always have to leave the door open for them to dry out properly, otherwise your clothing smells like mildew. I think it's a pain in the butt.

    There are top loaders now with no center agitators, so they have lots of space.

  • We have had the Samsung washer and dryer set for 4 years now, and I will recommend them over and over again!  They are definitely more expensive than the Frigidaire set, but have been worth every penny.  My mom and co-worker both purchased Frigidaire within the last year, and they both have had repairmen come out multiple times. Spend the extra money, and not have to worry about it.

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  • I will add that we have a Whirlpool front loader set. No problems with either machine other than the having to leave the washer door open. I think the total for the two without pedestals or warranties was just under $2k.
  • We bought LG frontloader washer w steam and dryer with reduce static option last January. I LOVE them. I hardly shocked anything this winter with this reduce static option. It is truly amazing. I have some back issues so I don't think I could go without the pedestals. Way too much bending and moving laundry. I agree with pp that it would probably be better to build your own if you can.

  • Thanks to all of your comments!  In the end we went with the Samsung washer/dryer front-load set.  So far so good! 
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