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Support group needed!!!

Hey, I'm rather new here, and I haven't really gotten any "Nestie friends" in the time I have been here. I am trying to gain weight and I don't really have any support at home, like my husband doesn't really care too much. He told me that I don't need to but he doesn't mind if I do, it doesn't matter to him, either way ill be "sexy to him" and that's all that matters, right? And my mom is helping me but she isn't always helpful.. I feel disgustingly skinny. Before I had my son I fluctuated between 120 and 125. And I was fairly okay with that at the time.. I preferred to be 125 but didn't have any issue getting there. Since giving birth (17 months ago) I have dropped drastically and fluctuate between 115 and 120 and find it hard to maintain 120. I liked it when I was at 140, two weeks after having my son.. And I'm trying to get there. I've started a high calorie diet, but am struggling to come up with meals and snacks that give me variety and won't get "old" on me.. I feel like I'm unhealthy and I feel unhealthy. I don't feel as happy with myself as I know I could, and I rarely feel pretty unless I get all dressed up, but even then, I don't fill out my clothes. I have size 0 pants and I don't fill those out. And I'm 5'8" so I look like this tall twig walking around. I'm working hard on this. I'm hoping to gain at least 3 lbs by April 1st, feel a little better about myself. 

Re: Support group needed!!!

  • You might want to check out proboards. There was a mass exodus from these booards and most people went over there. They are very active. Just google Proboards GBCN and they should pop up.
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