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Random Thursday

You can either do Thursday Confessions or Random Thought Thursday. Or you can always do both if you want.

Re: Random Thursday

  • I confess that in addition to our normal desire to become parents, I have two really superficial reasons i'd like it to happen NOW.

    1. My SIL told us the other day that they are not planning on finding out if it's a boy or girl, so if we got KU now, we'd have a chance to find out if we're having a girl before they do, and then we could 'shotgun' the girl name we all want.

    2. FF is telling me that my EDD would be 11/12/13.  The nerd in me would love that :)

    AF is due this weekend.  I have a feeling I'll be irrationally disappointed if AF shows up, We'll just keep trying, but our timing was really good this month, and well, 11/12/13 doesn't happen every day! ;)

    I also confess that after sitting in traffic for an extra hour and a half yesterday on my way to work, I still went to Dunkin Donuts before coming in.  I figured I was already late, so what the heck.



    After 2 years of TTC, lots of tests, and a Hysteroscopy/Laparoscopy to remove several polyps,
    Clomid/IUI #1 3/14: cancelled due to surprise BFP 3/8/14.
    Beta 1 3/11: 398  Beta 2 3/13: 728  Beta 3 3/20: 11,482 
    Surprise BFP turns into Surprise Twins! 

    Zoey and Garrett born 10/24/14 at 36+3


  • I confess I would much rather stay home with H this weekend than to go out of town for a bachelorette party. I love my friend but I'm just feeling super lazy and I'm the driver and I'm not so thrilled about that.

    My random thought: The board has been super boring lately and really quiet. It's kind of getting annoying. We need more excitement!!!

  • Random thought: I really want to be best friends with Ellen. I'm watching her show now. She is just so nice!  

    image zamboni00:

    I also confess that after sitting in traffic for an extra hour and a half yesterday on my way to work, I still went to Dunkin Donuts before coming in.  I figured I was already late, so what the heck.

    Haha! When I was pregnant, I was late for work a lot because of morning sickness. I still always stopped at Dunkin. I hated my job and I felt like crap so why not stop for a doughnut on my way in? 

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  • I have two random thoughts... one much more fun than the other..

     I'm wearing heels today.. i remember being little and wanting the shoes that tapped on the floor when I walked (ie heels...) now that I'm old enough to wear them.. and have pants that require dress shoes... and heals (because i'm too lazy to hem my pants) I hate heels! lol  i find them so uncomfortable... and would MUCH rather wear my flats.... 


    Second random thought..

    Death does funny things to people... My dad died,  i'm okay, my mom's okay. My brother.. is a disaster... he's been a disaster since before dad died.. but he is even more so now. My dad's best friend of 40 years has stopped talking to my mom... because he lent my brother money and now my brother is screwing him around. My aunts and uncles (dad's brothers and their wives) don't ever talk to my mom anymore... for whatever reason. But then there's the people that my mom hadn't talked to for years... they'd lost touch.. and my dad's death brought them back together and it's like nothing had ever changed.

    Just funny how death changes people... for the better.. or worse... all these people that seem to have gotten more self absorbed/self involved you want to smack upside the head and be like "Don't you see life is too short for some of this petty $hit?"

    Hardly any of it has anything to do with me, but sometimes  it's interesting to sit back and watch.. and ponder, sometimes though, it just makes me sad.

    Maybe it's the sociologist in me that wants to understand why people are behaving the way they are with respect to their families and friends.. 


    Anyways! That got long.. i'm sorry!

    Thursday confession? I'm so OVER this week.. and can't wait for the weekend...  

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  • Random thought.

    After having my Mom up for a bit and hearing about everyone else's married/relationship troubles (her/my dad, my brother/his FI, my other brother/his exwife) it really makes me appreciate H & our relationship more and realize how good we have it.

    I know we've only been married for less than a year, but we've been together for almost a decade. While we have our problems like every couple, I think we'll still be one of those couples who love each other when they're really old and I hope that's true. 

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