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Weekend Plans?


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Re: *TGIF*

  • Tonight - Me and H are planning on going to a mexican place by us to get Margaritas for national margarita day!

    Tomorrow- clean the house, looks like a bomb hit it

    Sunday - Cousins baby shower 


    Rants : this week has been long

    Raves:  FRIDAY


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  • Rant: STUPID PEOPLE ANNOY ME!! And I feel like they're everywhere at work today!

    Raves: It's Friday! And while I was at work at 7:15am for a board meeting I will be out at 3:30!

    Plans: H is coming home tonight! I'm looking forward a quiet night in with him. Tomorrow H has to work at his store in the morning which isn't great, but he's getting OT! Then we have plans to go out to dinner. Sunday we'll just hang out before he has to go back to training. Nothing exciting, but it's one of our last quiet weekends before we're busy a bunch of weekends in a row.

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  • Rants: Really kind of wish we could get our taxes finished and back soon having a little extra would be super nice.

    Raves: I get off work early today! This week has just seemed to drag on and on and on.

    Weekend Plans: Tonight H and I are finally buying our boat and going to dinner with some friends of ours. Tomorrow we will run some errands and then go pick up our trailer from FIL's house and share the good news with them! And Sunday I am hoping for a nice relaxing day and maybe some grocery shopping!

  • Weekend Plans? It's going to be a low key weekend for us.  I am hoping to finish painting the spare bedroom and then start setting it up!  DH also wants to get the new toilet installed in the upstairs bathroom.  So hopefully we will have a productive weekend working on the house!

    Rants? I wish DH would do our taxes already!  I want to start them, but he insists he is doing them.  I know we are going to owe, and I just want to know the damage already! 

    Raves? We are making homemade pizza tonight! 

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  • Rants: My house is disgusting and I can't put Clara donw long enough to clean it!  I mean, I could, but she is so sweet, I love carrying her everywhere!

    Raves: Had a great time this week at our first playdate.  Two friends had babies within the month and it was good to be around other first time moms who are going through similar times.

    Weekend plans: friends are coming over tonight with dinner.  Hopefully we can get our house and laundry under control.

  • Rants: Oh.My.God what a LONG week.  Geez!

    Raves: DH comes home tomorrow and I'm so excited to see him.  Probably also explains why it was such a long week.  I love my furbabies, but they lack conversation!

    Weekend: Tonight picking up some groceries so we have food again in the house.  I've been living on leftovers and odds and ends for the week since H has been gone.  Probably pick up a "girly" movie and just relax.  Tomorrow: clean the house.  I agree with the bomb commet!  Pick up Hubby from the airport!!!!!! Sunday: DH has to work and starts his rotation of being on-call again, but at least he is home.  Not sure what I am going to do yet.

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