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Stacking front-loader - shaking?

Curious how much vibration/shaking is normal in a stacked washer/dryer front-load set. We installed a set yesterday and everything is level front-back and side-side. It's not walking or anything, and the floor isn't vibrating, but when the washer ramps up to high spin, and again when it slows, there's about a 10 or 15 second period when it runs at just the right torque that the dryer shakes a good bit. The washer doesn't appear to shake, but obviously the movement is getting transferred to the dryer on top. 

How still should the set be? 

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Re: Stacking front-loader - shaking?

  • We don't have a stacked set, but we do have front loaders. Sometimes the washer seems like it could levitate off the floor.

    I would only be concerned if it sounded imbalanced.

  • Ours shakes, but they are not stacked. They are a "stackable" set, but are not on top of each other. Sometimes, the washer will shimmy across the room. 

    I find that it usually happens when the load is large or unbalanced - if I do a comforter, it might happen, or if I do a load with a few pairs of jeans and the rest are t-shirts. 

    Not sure this info helps you. Maybe try to distribute your loads differently and see if it continues? 

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  • Do you get any vibration with a balanced load or unloaded machine? Oddly enough, we got the thing perfectly level only to find that it was worse. Put the weight a bit more toward the front and that seems to help, for whatever reason. The washer itself doesn't seem to shake much, but by time the energy transfers through the dryer on top it's definitely noticeable. 

    BFP 11.8.12 * EDD 7.17.13 * MC 12.20.12
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over!
  • Ours is level (and stacked) and it shakes quite a bit during the spin cycles.
    GSx1 - 05/13/2013
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